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Avalon is a northern suburb of Geelong in the state of Victoria, Australia. Avalon is known for its coastal location, proving a popular destination for people coming to Victoria to take part in several water sports. It’s also known as major transport hub in the region, being only a few miles north of Melbourne, one of Australia’s biggest cities. Being so close to Geelong and the coast, the beach is at the heart of many activities here. Swimming, surfing and sunbathing are all possible here, while Avalon is close to the Victoria countryside, which is perfect for a gentle walk. The climate here is as hot as you would expect, with mild winters and scorching summers the norm in Avalon.

Ideal car

A medium-sized vehicle is ideal for all kinds of driving in Avalon and Geelong, whether in the inner city or on the highways leading north to Melbourne.

Driving in Avalon Geelong


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Important things to note

Metered parking in Geelong city centre will set you back AUS$1.70 per hour. Some places do offer free parking though.
The M1 motorway is the main route going towards Avalon and Geelong, going in the opposite direction towards Melbourne.
The area around the coast tends to be the busiest for road traffic. Be sure to plan ahead if driving in this part of town.

Highlights & Hotspots

At the local airport, the Australian International Airshow is held every two years. The show is the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. Military aircraft perform all kinds of tricks for your entertainment.
On the ground, Avalon Raceway is a major attraction, serving as a speedway venue. Some nights, major speedway races are held here involving motorbikes ridden by world-class bikers. Admission is usually cheap if going with the family.
Corio Bay is within a stone’s throw of Avalon and Geelong. It’s one of the best parts of Australia to head to the beach without having to brave the currents of the Pacific Ocean. The best part of Corio Bay is Eastern Beach, where many visitors tend to go.
In Geelong, Simonds Stadium is the place to be to watch an Aussie Rules Football match. The Geelong Cats play in the top division of the AFL and most matches at the ground are played to a high standard.

Airport Information

Avalon Airport is located just half a mile east of Avalon and a mile or so north of central Geelong. The airport serves as the second busiest in the wider Melbourne area, largely catering for domestic flights to major cities such as Brisbane.
The airport is connected to the M1 by a link road. There are several exits to the east when driving southbound on the road that leads into Geelong.