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As the third-largest city of Australia and the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is a bustling metropolitan city with a positive, progressive attitude and a creative mind set. The city brims with a laid-back, relaxed and friendly attitude, making it ideal for any hoping to take a break in a truly unique environment. Every district of the city is unique and distinct, each offering a range of entertainment centres. The CBD combines business with pleasure as the modern offices are mixed with parklands and modern architecture. Inner North offers the best restaurants in the city, and Inner East draws sports lovers and adventurous types with cliffs and outdoor activities.

Ideal car

Traffic during rush hour can be difficult to cope with. Trying to drive on the minor routes at that time would be far easier with a small car that doesn’t need to reach excessive speeds.

Driving in Brisbane


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Important things to note

While the roads are in excellent condition, many of the streets in Brisbane operate under a one way system, meaning drivers unfamiliar with the area should plan their journey before it is undertaken.
Parking is readily available throughout the city but can be costly at around $40 per day. Though early bird parking is available for those arriving before 9AM or leaving after 4PM, costing around $15 for a day.
It is advisable to avoid driving in rush hour, which takes place from around 3PM until 6PM. Many roads in the city ‘bottle neck’, meaning a quick journey can be otherwise tripled in time during this period.

Highlights & Hotspots

Queensland Cultural Centre is home to a range of museums, galleries, libraries and performing arts centres. Works by internationally famous artists are exhibited here with examples of Warhol and Picasso on offer, mixed with the work of local artists.
Those looking to catch a peak of Brisbane’s history will be pleased to see Old Windmill, the oldest building in the city. While the building is not open to the public, the surrounding area can be explored and the history of the building itself is fascinating.
Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium is located within a stunning botanical garden and features a huge variety of astronomy and space exhibitions. Popular amongst children and adults alike, spectacular shows are hosted on a Saturday night.
For an incomparable view of the city and a really fun experience, the Wheel of Brisbane offers views from 60 metres high, overlooking the river.

Airport Information

Brisbane Airport is located 20 km from the city centre, making the journey reasonably easy to navigate. The terminals are distanced quite far from one another (around 3 km) meaning plenty of time should be given to travel between them.