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A coastal city in New South Wales, Australia, Coffs Harbour is known as a destination for visitors looking to explore three nearby National Parks. Its relative proximity to Sydney and Brisbane makes it an attractive place for people to stay before travelling to either city, but what is there to do in Coffs Harbour itself? The city has plenty of attractions, many of which relate to its thriving banana-growing industry. It’s one of the best places in Australia to go fishing, while it has plenty of nature reserves where you can watch some of the wildlife thrive in the local ecosystem, which is unique to the country because of its almost tropical nature.

Ideal car

As there are several different road types in Coffs Harbour, a hatchback will offer the best of both worlds for drivers, whether in the centre or heading out to the nearby National Parks.

Driving in Coffs Harbour


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Important things to note

On various stretches of the Pacific Highway, driving conditions can be a bit substandard, meaning that you need to take care.
Traffic coming into Coffs Harbour can be a bit heavier in summer, when many families come here. In winter, it’s not much of an issue.
Parking in the centre of Coffs Harbour is surprisingly easy. There are plenty of spaces near the main shopping centres.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Big Banana, one of Australia’s most unique attractions, celebrates Coffs Harbour’s banana industry. As well as having a big banana, the attraction has various rides and an indoor snow slope, not to mention tours of where the fruit is grown.
Another attraction which is at the heart of the city is Dolphin Marine Magic. With a pet porpoise pool, this small water park has been going for over four decades, while you can get close to both dolphins and seals if you’re brave enough!
The Butterfly House is another place where you can see nature up close. An indoor rainforest, it is home to hundreds of species of butterfly and moth, while it has a maze which the kids will love to work their way through.
If you want to get closer to the sea, then the best place to go is Park Beach. It’s an ideal place to go swimming and surfing. For the latter, there are a few instructors who can offer lessons, while the city centre has shops selling surfboards and other equipment.

Airport Information

Coffs Harbour is located two miles southwest of the city centre. It mainly serves destinations in Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne from where passengers can connect to flights going to airports in other countries.
The airport is located near Hogbin Drive, which goes northeast to Harbour Drive. Once there, go west on Harbour Drive and you’re in the city centre.