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Sydney is possibly one of the most beautiful cosmopolitan cities in the world. As the largest and oldest in Australia, the urban landscape is framed by miles of coastline with stunning, clean beaches and iconic structures. History, nature, fashion, art, food and design can all be found here along with much more to boot. Darling Harbour is a waterfront-based, entertainment and leisure paradise, featuring everything from top museums, to concept coffee shops to nightclubs. The city is also incredibly ethnically diverse, making it not only one of the most progressive cities to visit in Australia but also the world over.

Ideal car

Visitors will be well served with a hatchback on the excellent road network that Sydney boasts. City driving dictates that a hatchback is a good option for most types of visitors.

Driving in Darling Harbour


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

Expect traffic at all times, but most of it isn’t too heavy. Rush hour traffic usually occurs at 6.30-9.30AM and 4.30-6.30PM, especially on the roads entering and leaving the city.
Some of the motorways, tunnels and bridges do charge a toll. Said tolls will be signposted but are located in some surprising places.
Parking is available at all times throughout the city but the main spots can be expensive. Free parking spaces are available but scarce. Parking in the suburbs is a safe option.

Highlights & Hotspots

Sydney is home to two of the most iconic and recognisable man-made landmarks – Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. These incredible achievements in construction and design are amazing to see on a screen but nothing beats a trip to visit them in real life. Make them a priority.
Darling Harbour is a very popular destination amongst both tourists and locals due to the vast range of activities and experiences on offer. Restaurants and bars can be found here for those looking to relax; there are museums that are great for families and a wide range of shops for all tastes.
For those looking to discover something of old Sydney, one of the best places to visit is La Perouse which is located near Botany Bay. It contains not only the final resting place of one of the earliest French explorers to the area, but a museum and an old fort waiting to be explored!
There are a huge number of festivals celebrating all parts of culture every months of the year. One of the best is the New Year’s Eve celebrations which are now world-famous. Fireworks and street performances help the night go off with a real bang – it’s a New Year’s Eve you’ll never forget!

Airport Information

Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport is the busiest airport in Australia and the main entrance to the country. As such, the airport is huge and takes a very long time to navigate.
To make traveling to the airport easier, most major roads are signposted with directions to the port and it is located only 6km away from the city centre. The M1, which can be reached through the city centre, will get you there easily enough.