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The second largest city in Australia, Melbourne is also capital of the state of Victoria, making it an important and thrilling city to visit. Known as the cultural capital of the country, there are an excess of activities to participate in accommodating every interest and hobby imaginable. Melbourne is one of the greatest areas in Australia to enjoy major sporting events and is a fantastic city to reside in whilst exploring some of the fascinating surrounding areas including national parks and coastal areas.

Ideal car

The roads are of a high standard throughout the city and in the surrounding areas, meaning an economy car will both work well on the roads as well as be fuel efficient when traversing the huge size of the city.

Driving in Melbourne


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Important things to note

Parking in Melbourne is plentiful within the city centre but can be very expensive, with most drivers opting to park in the suburbs and travel using public transport into the city centre.
The roads in Melbourne are very well mapped out and planned, making them reasonably easy to navigate. However, due to the tram system, there are many ‘hook turn’ roads in the city which can seem confusing at first.
All tollways are electronic and all drivers should pay for their electronic device well in advance of the trip to avoid paying a fine.

Highlights & Hotspots

The city centre is a hub of activity suitable for the family and plenty of different events on offer. Docklands is a purpose built recreation area set beside the water with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants on offer.
The State Library is fascinating for those who wish to experience a quiet but astounding experience different from that in the city. It is a massive library offering thousands of books, while the architecture is nothing short of amazing to witness.
St. Kilda is based along the coast and is a fantastic night-life precinct for those looking for a relaxed and fun evening. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to cater to every need, while there are also great opportunities to grab coffee and take in the view.
Fitzroy and Collingwood are fantastic for those looking for a younger atmosphere as the areas are known for their bohemian approach with plenty of independent stores, bars and cafes to enjoy. Gertrude St in particular offers plenty of shopping and drinking opportunities and is also host to art galleries and exhibitions.

Airport Information

Melbourne Airport is the only airport within the city which serves international flights, while the Avalon Airport serves only domestic flights.
Melbourne Airport has four terminals making it a very large and busy hub of traffic and so, despite its closeness to the city centre, can take a very long time to navigate. It is next to the M2, which goes straight into the centre of Melbourne.