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Located in the north-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia, Townsville is a large cosmopolitan city that boasts excellent beaches, warm weather throughout the year and excellent opportunities for exploring the Australian outback. This vibrant city has a casual and friendly atmosphere with plenty to see and do. Home to an array of fantastic sandy beaches with shimmering azure waters, it’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. For those who seek adventure, the city will not disappoint. The city is surrounded by sprawling rainforests and national parks which offer a range of hiking opportunities. Those who enjoy diving will find the beach a good place to start, as well as the Great Barrier Reef.

Ideal car

A typical 4x4 car would be pretty much perfect for exploring the areas surrounding the city and especially for negotiating dirt tracks and roads.

Driving in Townsville


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Important things to note

The city offers a range of parking facilities including free parking for five-minute stays or less and long-stay (up to eight-hour) paid parking. Take care to observe local parking regulations to avoid fines or having your vehicle towed.
It’s advisable to reduce your speed when driving in rural areas and be aware that livestock and animals are known to stray into the road.
When roads are dusty, it’s advisable to wait for the dust to settle before continuing on your journey. Be sure you reduce your speed and turn on your headlights before proceeding.

Highlights & Hotspots

Take a trip to Reef HQ Aquarium, one of the city’s most popular attractions. This excellent aquarium recreates a natural reef, home to an array of marine species offering an educational experience to kids of all ages.
The Museum of Tropical Queensland is an excellent place to spend the day with all the family. This world-class museum has a range of hands-on exhibits and displays telling the story and heritage of North Queensland.
Animal-lovers should consider a trip to the exciting Billabong Sanctuary. Located just south of the city, the sanctuary is home to a range of indigenous wildlife where visitors will see them living in their natural habitat. Guided tours and talks about the wildlife are available as well as animal shows.
Those seeking adventure should consider exploring the fascinating outback. There are a range of off-road adventures and tours available throughout the city. The surrounding national parks also offer a variety of hiking trails where you’ll discover the land untouched by tourism.

Airport Information

Townsville Airport is located approximately three miles northwest of Townsville city centre and is accessible via State Route 9 through the nearby housing estate.
The airport is mainly a destination for domestic flights to some of the larger cities in Australia. However, it isn’t too far away from larger airports, such as that serving Brisbane to the south.