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With some of the most stunning mountainous scenery Europe has to offer, Austria is an incredibly popular tourist destination in the summer months. As 62% of the land in the country classed as mountainous, there is no limit to snow-topped mountains and lush green hills to savour and enjoy. Along with the serene natural locations, there is a deep history that has been well preserved in the country dating back to the height of the Roman Empire. The capital Vienna is full of Medieval and Baroque architecture while Tiergarten Schonbrunn is the oldest zoo in the world!

Driving in Austria


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Important things to note

Avoid using the vehicles horn in Vienna or near hospitals as you may receive a fine.
It is illegal to overtake school buses when the yellow lights on the vehicle are flashing.
A warning triangle, first-aid kit and reflective vest must be kept in the car at all times.

Driving culture in Austria

What are the roads like in Austria?
As many of Austria’s greatest experiences are only accessible by car, the majority of roads throughout the country are well-treated both in urban and rural environments. In actual fact, driving in Austria is very popular as many of the roads offer some of the best views in the whole of Europe.
What are the drivers in Austria like?
While the vast majority of Austrians are famed for their friendly and considerate nature towards tourists, some will readily warn of drivers who appear to become much more aggressive and impatient on the roads.
What are the best times to drive?
Winter is generally regarded as a dangerous period during the year to drive, with some parts of the country experiencing the effects of the season from September until May. While the roads are very well treated, those towards the higher parts of the mountains make snow chains a necessity due to ice and snow.
What are the driving laws?
Drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts at all times while children up to the age of 14 must use a child seat until they are over 150cm in height. Whilst on the Autobahnen, drivers are not permitted to pass on the right and must travel at a minimum speed of 37mph. If your vehicle is unable to reach this speed, you can’t use the Autobahnen.