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Wildlife lovers the world over have been basking in the glory of Botswana for years, taking advantage of the expansive natural habitats of many wild animals and the numerous national parks that protect these beautiful beasts. A safari across the parks is a unique experience and can’t be missed by those who appreciate natural beauty. Chobe National Park is the home of several herds of elephants, alongside zebras and lions, while the hugely popular Okavango Delta is centred by swamps that almost triple in size at certain times of year!

Driving in Botswana


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Important things to note

Petrol stations are open from 8am until 8pm throughout the country, though they can often run out of fuel. Due to the size of the country, it is advised that no journey is undertaken without a full tank of petrol and spare cans of fuel.
As the roads are often sparse, it is strongly advised that all drivers carry with them a satellite phone as it is unlikely that other cars will pass by.
When driving through water, drivers should exit the vehicle to see how deep the water may be; from a distance the depth can be deceiving.

Driving culture in Botswana

What are the roads like in Botswana?
While much work is being done to seal the roads in Botswana, the vast majority are either filled with gravel or are covered in deep amounts of soft sand, which can prove difficult to those unused to driving in such conditions.
What are the drivers in Botswana like?
Despite the huge size of the country, even the main roads and highways are often empty, meaning you may travel all day and never see another driver, which can be both peaceful and disarming.
What are the best times to drive?
As the roads are often empty, there is no rush hour to avoid. However, it is recommended drivers avoid travelling in the night as any accidents are likely to go unnoticed, while those driving during rainy season (December-May) should be constantly vigilant about flash floods.
What are the driving laws?
Seat belts must be worn by the driver and all passengers in the car at all times. The use of mobile devices whilst driving is prohibited with the exception of hands free devices. Drivers must always have upon their person when driving a valid driving license, and registration and insurance documents.