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Burgas is a city in southeast Bulgaria on the coast of the Black Sea. Due to its location, it has proven to be a popular destination with tourists throughout the summer. As well as being on the coast, it’s also surrounded by three lakes, all of which make the city a paradise of sorts for people who want to go swimming, sailing or even surfing in the right climate. Today, some visitors use Burgas as a gateway to other cities in Bulgaria such as Sofia and Varna, while it’s well connected to other countries including Romania, Turkey and Greece. It’s also a place where many people come to learn about the city’s history and significance to the whole of south west Europe as a port and cultural hub.

Ideal car

Burgas is an old city and, as such, needs to be driven around with care. A small supermini would be the best possible vehicle for the job, especially when going through the centre.

Driving in Burgas


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Important things to note

Public transport usually gets right of way in Burgas. This may help to exacerbate traffic problems in the city centre.
The roads usually get a little bit busier during the summer. This is when most tourists come here and to other cities along the Black Sea coast.
To the south of the city, the 9 Motorway can get a little clogged, acting as a bottleneck for transport due to the narrow nature of the land.

Highlights & Hotspots

Burgas has a handful of museums, but the most interesting is the Ethnographic Museum in the city centre. Celebrating the city’s diversity through the ages, it offers dance, arts and craft classes for eager visitors during the summer months.
The Gallery of Fine Arts, hosted in the city’s main synagogue, is the best place to go to see works by local artists. There are four other galleries of note in the centre of Burgas, but all have limited collections by comparison.
Exploring one of the three lakes surrounding Burgas – Vaya, Atanasovsko and Mandrensko – is a must. Among the activities you could take part in by or in the lakes are bird-watching, fishing and sailing, although it’s possible to just walk around each lake.
The North Beach is one of the most popular parts of Burgas. Here, visitors can go surfing, kite surfing or, if you want to do something a little more tranquil, perhaps do a bit of sunbathing or maybe build a sandcastle!

Airport Information

Burgas Airport is the second largest in Bulgaria, lying close to six miles northeast of the city centre near Sarafovo. It has two terminals, one of which is under construction, and serves cities across Europe during the summer months.
The airport is located just to the west of the 9 Motorway. It will take you southwards straight towards central Burgas and further north towards Varna.