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Sofia is the largest and capital city of Bulgaria. This vibrant and dynamic city has a long and diverse history. While often over-looked by tourists who head to other areas of Bulgaria for the holiday season, Sofia is a unique blend of modern and historical cultures. The most striking element of the city is the combination of European and soviet-era architecture as well as the ornate historical building, cathedrals and churches. The stunning buildings and domed churches provide a historical backdrop against the bustling cosmopolitan city centre, where you’ll find an array of luxury hotels, boutiques, shopping malls and trendy bars. Sofia is home to some of the best clubs in the country, boasting a vibrant nightlife. The weather is generally warm and sunny in the summer months, however owing to its higher altitude you should expect the temperature to be a little cooler than other parts of Bulgaria. Temperatures tend to hit the early twenties in July and August. Winters can be very cold and often sees a lot of snowfall.

Ideal car

An economy car is ideal for running local roads and quick and easy manoeuvring in the city centre.
Driving in Sofia
Road Driving Side: R
Urban Speed Limit: 50 kmh
Rural Speed Limit: 90 kmh
Motorway Speed Limit: 140 kmh

Driving in Sofia


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

It’s advisable to park in well-lit and guarded car parks when parking in the centre and don’t leave any valuables in the vehicle.
Be aware that many local drivers will ignore traffic signals and pedestrian crossings.
The law states that you must drive with dipped headlights, even during the day, throughout the year.
You’re likely to see high volumes of traffic in the city centre and roads can become quickly congested. However you’ll see less traffic when driving beyond the city limits and certainly in more rural areas.
Ideal car: Economy
An economy car is ideal for running local roads and quick and easy manoeuvring in the city centre.

Highlights & Hotspots

Art lovers will discover some of the country’s most important art at the National Art Gallery. Collections include 19th and 20th Century paintings by some of Bulgaria’s luminaires. There’s also a huge space dedicated to a collection of impressive sculptures.
Sofia is home to a diverse array of museums ranging from the Museum of Natural History to the Museum of Sport. The National Polytechnic Museum is a great place to visit for those with a love of technology and gadgetry. Here you’ll discover the history of a wide range of technology from clocks to cars!
Take a walk and admire some of Sofia’s green scenery in the Sofia City Garden, it’s a great place to take a stroll and take in the hugely pleasant surroundings. Many elderly locals come here to while away the afternoons playing chess.
For a relaxing way to unwind during your holiday, why not take a trip to The Mineral Baths and enjoy the steam room and traditional hamamm.

Airport Information

Sofia Airport (aka Sofia-Vrazhdebna Airport) is located approximately 3 miles east of Sofia and is accessible via the East Tangent Str.