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As one of the largest cities in Canada, Calgary acts as both a gateway to areas such as the Rocky Mountains along with Banff and Jasper, as well as being a destination of its own. Given the city’s position as a centre of trade, Calgary is a wealthy city that is constantly improving in terms of both culture and industry. There are a wide variety of parks, malls, sports centres, art galleries and many other areas of interest. There is also a surprisingly rich history to the city that stems from its founding in the mid-1800s, with monuments and certain areas of preservation to explore.

Ideal car

A small, nippy car will serve well on both the main roads and residential areas, along with managing traffic most easily.

Driving in Calgary


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Important things to note

Due to the city’s incredibly quick and continuing growth, the roads, while of a good condition, are not designed to withstand rush hour traffic and can therefore become easily gridlocked. It is highly advised to avoid driving between 6.30am-9.30am and 3.30pm-6.30pm.
During the winter months, the city generally experiences heavy snow. While the main roads are gritted and removed of snow, the smaller, residential roads can occasionally become unpassable.
The street labelling in the city differs to that within other Canadian cities, though becomes easy enough to understand after a few days. However, it is recommended that new visitors invest in an up-to-date map or GPS system

Highlights & Hotspots

Calgary Zoo is amongst the finest in the country with over 1,000 animals living within its walls. Along with the animal areas, there is a stunning botanical garden which serves as an incredibly peaceful area within the hectic city. For dinosaur lovers, there is also a dedicated area called the Prehistoric Park, ideal for both adults and children.
Before the city’s founding in 1894, the area was home to Fort Calgary which can be seen in Fort Calgary Historic Park. Built in 1875, the fort is Calgary’s oldest historic monument and works as one of the most interesting historic areas in the city.
History lovers will also enjoy Glenbow Museum, the largest in Western Canada. Local history is documented here with more than 1 million artefacts that offer an interesting insight into the city rarely seen in the other areas.
Tour fans will of course know the city due to the 1988 Winter Olympics and public tours and explorations are available throughout the year. The Canada Olympic Park remains to be a stunning area and includes a museum and hall of fame dedicated to the athletes.

Airport Information

Calgary International Airport is served by a large number of international and domestic flights based across the world, including the UK. The airport is primarily served by volunteers who are happy to assist with most requests.
The airport is accessible via the Deerfoot Trail, which is connected by the Airport Trail.