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Lying in the shadows of the majestic Andes, the southern Chilean city of Puerto Montt is one of the fastest-growing places in the whole of South America. Not too far away from the southern Pacific, the city is a veritable paradise for people with a sense of adventure, despite being in one of the more remote parts of Chile. In Puerto Montt, you’re not too far away from a National Park, while the Argentinean border is just a few miles east of the city. Being a port, it also has a lovely waterfront where you can walk along while seeing the ocean waves lap against a shore, while Puerto Montt also has more than its fair share of restaurants serving local and regional dishes expertly made.

Ideal car

The road network as a whole in the city isn’t that bad, but to be sure, it’s worth driving a larger vehicle to negotiate more difficult terrain. A family car should be good enough.

Driving in Puerto Montt


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Important things to note

The Panamericana, a highway going the length of Chile, bypasses the northern and western limits of Puerto Montt.
Parts of the road network in the city, particularly in the suburbs, are in a little disrepair. Be sure to bear this in mind when driving through Puerto Montt.
Ferry rides are available from the city to Puerto Natales and Puerto Chacabuco further south. They tend to run more frequently in summer.

Highlights & Hotspots

The nearby fjords which make up the Chiloé archipelago are worth venturing out to just for the scenery. With the Pacific in the background, you could go walking, climbing or perhaps travel by boat if you can find one to hire.
There are two National Parks located within easy reach of Puerto Montt. To the east, there is the Parque Nacional Alerce Andino while deep in the Andes to the northeast of the city, there is the Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales.
If wanting to explore the city itself, the best thing to do is walk along the waterfront. Here, you’re likely to come across various fishing vessels, a handful of places to dine out during the evening and some examples of German-influenced architecture.
Tenglo Island, a small island off the coast of Puerto Montt, is a good place to get some quiet time. It has a small park among other things and could be a good place to go fishing, although you should only do this with caution.

Airport Information

El Tepual International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional El Tepual) is the city’s main air terminal, lying 2.5 miles north of the centre of Puerto Montt. It has a limited but useful range of flights available, largely serving destinations in Chile.
The airport is connected by a small link road, which goes west onto the Panamericana highway. The highway will take you south into the heart of the city.