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Whether it’s for food, drink, natural landmarks, historical hotspots or water sports, Chile has a wide range of activities for everyone from the very active to those looking for ultimate relaxation. Lakes and volcanoes dot the land, while the majority of the country is bordered by coastal towns and home to a multitude of public celebrations and festivals. For the metropolitan visitor, casinos, shops and modern amenities are dotted around the country for plenty of city fun to balance the time in the countryside.

Driving in Chile


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Important things to note

When driving in the mountains, care should be taken at all times as roads can twist or turn suddenly, while guard rails are very rarely implemented.
The vast majority of major roads have a toll system, so a range of currency should be kept in the car for ease.
Driving under the influence of any drink should not be considered, as the punishment for this is severe.

Driving culture in Chile

What are the roads like in Chile?
The roads in Chile range from average to terrible, especially in urban areas as the roads are filled with potholes and uneven paving, meaning drivers should be careful in these areas.
What are drivers in Chile like?
Within the major cities, drivers can be quite aggressive in order to navigate the build-up of traffic. However, once away from the major cities, the driving is somewhat calmer and easier going.
What are the best times to drive?
Rush hour traffic can pose a problem in the major cities, so it is advisable to avoid driving between 7am and 9am, and 5pm and 8pm.
What are the driving laws?
Right-hand turns are generally prohibited, unless there is signage to indicate otherwise. It is mandatory for the driver and all passengers to wear seatbelts in the car at all times. An international driver’s license is required at all times when driving around Chile.