Corfu International Airport Car Rental

Corfu International Airport Car Rental

Whether it’s the picture perfect coastline encompassed by the dazzling blue sea, the Ancient Greek history or just the vibrant nightlife that attracts you to Corfu, you are more than likely going to be arriving by air. Ioannis International Airport will be the first and last place you see in Corfu; it is situated on the west side of the island, just a few kilometres from the capital of the island, Corfu Town. Corfu used to be specifically reserved for the rich and privileged, but with the rise of budget airlines and with them availability, all types of holiday makers can now be privileged a visit. Quick to realise the need for a quicker and more economical transport in this region, a number of car rental companies now operate here. Part of the town’s attraction lies in its varied make up; from the Ancient Greek temples in the mountains to white sand beaches. Seeing all of this is made all the more easy by the wide range of options when it comes to car rental.

Car Hire at Ioannis International Airport

Corfu Airport provides Car Hire from most of the worl’s leading car rental firms. These companies are located in the Corfu airport terminal. You can book your car hire at Corfu Airport to tour the island at your own pace. There is a large selection of vehicles to choose from which include Ford, Toyota, BMW, open top convertibles, 4X4 and Jeeps. The prices are very reasonable, ranging from 15 Euro – 50 Euro a day, depending obviously on season and which type of car you want to rent. The car hire companies are located in the main hall as you arrive through customs. In addition to these car hire companies, there are several other business offering hire cars which operate out of Corfu Town. It is worth noting that to hire a car abroad you will need to produce both parts of your driving licence so make sure you pack them. Make sure you check details of insurance with the companies before you hire a vehicle as they all differ and may be unfamiliar when compared to what you are used to at home. You may also have to be over 21 in order to rent a car, again, this type of policy is company specific so you need to check all these details. There are several online companies which offer rental services where you book and pay for the car online before you depart and then you collect it from outside the airport. Hiring a car will make your experience of Corfu more mobile and independent. There are many sights and activities to see on the island during your holiday. Kassiop is a Roman village that brings home the sense that the history of Corfu goes back longer than most other settlements in the world.  According to Ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon, the God of the Sea, fell in love with a beautiful nymph called Korkyra, abducted her and bought her to Corfu, which at the time was unnamed, before naming the island Korkyra in her honour. Korkyra gradually evolved into the Modern Greek name for Corfu; Kerkira.Ancient Greeks such as Cicero and Emperor Nero are both thought to have frequented the island. A quick drive around and travellers will find fresh fish and refreshing drinks to relax with. Driving along the coast of Corfu is a fantastic experience, with the opportunity to rest on a sun-kissed beach around every corner. Hiring a car will also allow you to explore the rural inland, where the roads narrow and the views can be breath-taking. There are also a few religious structures of interest on the island, including the Church of Saint Spiridon, which has been standing for more than 300 hundred years. 

Ioannis International Airport

Corfu International Airport, or Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport, is named after Ioannis Kapodistrias, who was the first Governor of Greece. The airport is located around 3 kilometres south of Corfu Town and half a kilometre north of Pontikonisi. Airplanes approach and land from a north-easterly direction, which will provide you with a spectacular aerial view of Pontikonisi and the Vlaherna Monastery. The beautiful hills of Kanoni surround the airport and the runway used for landing is only a few hundred meters away from several spectacular landmarks such as the Vlaherna Monastery. The international airport became operational in 1962, and a new passenger station was finished in 1972 to cope with growing numbers of tourists. The airport offers domestic flights with Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines, but the vast majority of traffic in the summer season is charter flights for holidaymakers. The airport itself is a transport hub for buses and taxis offering trips and excursions to the rest of the island. At 237 square miles the island itself is relatively small, but the shape of it and its mountainous centre makes public transport impractical and inefficient. By far and away the best way to explore the island’s varied and beautiful sights is by car.  The airport itself is small and can often feel cramped. Corfu airport’s busiest day during peak season is Monday, so if you are arriving or departing on Monday please be aware that reclaiming your baggage or checking in may take a little longer than it does elsewhere.  The departure lounge can also feel a little cramped or crowded during Mondays in the peak season, but don’t let this bring on your holiday blues prematurely; it is simply a quaint little airport servicing a quaint little island.

Driving to Ioannis International Airport

From the north the main road down in the 24. This runs onto the 25 which is the main gateway into the airport from both the east and west. There are other smaller roads that lead into the airport but, unless you have a GPS, the larger roads are probably your best bet. 

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