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Famed internationally for its stunning natural landmarks, Costa Rica is the ideal location for any nature and animal lover. From birds to fauna, there is something new, vibrant and beautiful to discover in this vibrant country. Trekking and exploring is in abundance here, allowing travellers to really discover something new. A hub of peace, Costa Rica has avoided the conflict of its neighbours for many decades, resulting in a relaxed, peaceful environment. The weather is tropical all year round, with peak temperatures waiting to be enjoyed in March and April for the true sun worshipers.

Driving in Costa Rica


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Important things to note

In an effort to ensure a complete lack of rush hour traffic, San Jose has a rotating ban on certain cars. Cars with licence numbers 1 and 2 will be banned Monday, 3 and 4 on Tuesday, and so on.
There are high fines by the police for many driving offences, a few of which some visitors may believe are unnecessarily high.
A foreign driver’s license can only be used in the country for a total of three months – driving without a licence can result in a fine of around $100.

Driving culture in Costa Rica

What are the roads like in Costa Rica?
The main roads such as Autopista Del Sol are in excellent condition, while the signage and lane marking in Chile is both clear and concise. However, many of the smaller roads are in poor condition, dotted with potholes and uncovered manholes.
What are the drivers in Costa Rica like?
Due to the often mountainous and difficult driving conditions across the country, drivers in Costa Rica are generally considerate and patient – in some case, they may even be a little too slow-going.
What are the best times to drive?
There is no particular rush hour time in Costa Rica, so any time throughout the day will be fine for drivers. However, it is heavily recommended that drivers do not attempt to drive in the dark due to the twisting roads high up on mountainous ranges with no lighting.
What are the driving laws?
Texting or taking a phone call while driving is strictly prohibited and will result in a fine of around $550. Drink or drug driving is taken very seriously and punishment for driving under the influence is punished severely. Making a U-turn where it is not allowed will also result in a high fine.