Pula Airport Car Rental

Pula Airport Car Rental

Pula, located on the Istria peninsula in the north west of Croatia, is famed for its crystal clear sea waters and mild climate. Claiming a tumultuous past and long history stretching back a million years to man’s ancient ancestors, there is much to see and do in this Central Eastern European destination. With a population of more than 60,000, the area is very popular with travellers from northern Europe thanks to its stunning natural beauty and Adriatic coastline. Surrounded by seven hills and sporting a beautiful harbour, Pula and its international airport are certainly well located to take advantage of what is still a relatively untouched region of Europe.   Northwest of the city, around 8km via ferry, are the beautiful Brijuni Islands. The national park that makes up the islands is definitely worth a visit and, who knows, you may even discover dinosaur footprints to go with the 200 that have already been found there. Hiring a car will allow you to choose between a trip to the beautiful beaches of Kamenjak (about 8km away) or a visit to the fortresses that once made the city the most fortified in Europe. During the summer months, however, the walls are opened to say the least, with thousands descending on the city for the Punto Christo festival, where revellers dance all night around huge bonfires.  Jumping between these wonderful islands is best done via Ferry, with a hire car will giving you complete freedom once you reach dry land, ensuring you make the most of Pula and the surrounding area. 

Car Rental at Pula Airport

A large number of car rental companies operate at Pula airport, offering just the variety you would expect from a truly international airport. With so much to see and experience in this region, a rental car is the best way to explore while relaxing in the knowledge that you are moving completely at your own leisure, from the moment you leave the airport. If you choose to collect your car from one of the many rental companies in the city centre, then using the direct bus service is definitely your best option. The service runs a few times every hour and should cost less than 5 Euro. There are a lot of rental options in Pula so doing some research before arriving will pay great dividends. Consideration of what your trip will entail and your party size should be thought through carefully beforehand, because, inevitably, with the many options available, prices vary massively. Booking a rental car in advance will allow you to make any adjustments to the holiday budget that may be necessary. Most car rental companies offer discounts for those that book online so, in many cases, the holiday kitty will look a little bigger if you book ahead of time. The last thing you need on holiday is a hefty bill following a bump or scrape with another driver, so be sure to have a look at your chosen rental company’s insurance policy before you commit to a rental contract. Rental extras are another reason to do your research before setting off on your trip, with prices for luxuries such as satellite navigation and roof racks differing from company to company. In the summer Pula enjoys high temperatures so also remember to make sure your vehicle has air conditioning as standard. It is also worth noting that rental companies have different requirements when it comes to renter age and driving experience. A quick check online will ensure that you don’t some unstuck upon arrival.  With everything now sorted, take a deep breath and prepare to land at Pula International Airport. 

Pula International Airport Guide

First designated as an aerodrome during the First World War, military use continued until 1965 when the airport was also opened to the public. From 1967 onwards things really changed for Pula with the installation of its first terminal building, albeit a pre-fabricated one. The military stopped using Pula in the early 1990s and, with passenger numbers pushing the ageing facility to its limit, the terminal proper was built.  At first it was British nationals who were the most popular travellers to Pula although, in recent years, that figure has evened up as visitor numbers from other European countries increased. The airport is completely unrecognisable from its first incarnations and has become quite a beautiful building thanks to its modern facilities, which include a number of restaurants and shops throughout the terminal.  

Pula International Airport really has become a hub for the surrounding areas and, subsequently, it is apt that the airport’s slogan is ‘All within your reach’. 

Driving Directions to and from Pula Airport

Any of the following routes are a joy to take with the breath-taking scenery on offer, try not to get too distracted though.

From Rijeka: Take the Istrian “Y” route (road) and follow the path directly to Pula; where a few miles before reaching the city you’ll be directed by road signs to Pula Airport.

From Triest:Take the Istrian “Y” route (road) and follow the path directly to Pula; where a few miles before reaching the city you’ll be directed by road signs to Pula Airport.

From the west coast of Istria (a non Istrian “Y” route): Come to Pula suburbs and head to Rijeka by heading to the “Y” Route. You won’t be taking the “Y” route but going straight forward instead of going right to “Rijeka ’Y’ Route”. You’ll be directed shortly after to “Airport” Pula (going right from the main road).

From the east coast of Istria (a non Istrian “Y” route):Head to Pula, and after the village Loborika you’ll be soon directed to turn left to Airport Pula.

From south of Pula (a non Istrian “Y” route & an Istrian “Y” route):Simply head to Rijeka via “Y” route and follow directions to “Zra'?na Luka Pula”.

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