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Founded in around 1,000 AD, Brno was the capital of Moravia since the 14th Century, but lost its status in the early 20th Century. Despite this, the city has retained its air as a major city, with numerous important national events taking place within its city limits and serving as a cultural hub in the country. With 89,000 students making up its 380,000 inhabitants, the city is ruled by a student atmosphere. The modern and contemporary cultural events are as such wide and varied, though are pleasantly balanced by well-preserved historical monuments in the forms of architecture and layout.

Ideal car

The somewhat narrow streets will be best traversed for smaller cars, especially as the road standards are reasonably high and as such should not pose too much of a challenge.

Driving in Brno


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Important things to note

When using the highway to travel in and out of the city centre, a toll sticker must be bought to avoid a fine when crossing the boundaries.
Traffic in the centre can become congested, especially at rush hour times. Avoid driving between 7-9am and 4.30-6.30pm wherever possible.
Freedom Square in the city centre is completely pedestrianized, prohibiting cars, motorbikes and trams. Drivers should park on the outskirts of the city to avoid high parking costs.

Highlights & Hotspots

Freedom Square serves as an excellent central point for anyone looking to explore the primary highlights of the city, as well as being a stunning destination of its own. With numerous events and festivals taking place in the square on a regular basis, there is always something new and exciting to discover here.
Špilberk Castle was once a major royal castle for the country holding the seat of the King of the Holy Roman Empire. Eventually the castle became an infamous fortress known for being the most feared prison in Europe that implemented the nastiest of torture on prisoners. The castle is now open to the public as an intriguing museum of its past along with house pleasant gardens for exploration.
Ignis Brunesis is perhaps the main draw to the city for many tourists, as the annual firework festival astounds and delights tourists and locals alike. The festival also acts as a competition between display artists and takes place in late May and early June providing a delightful spring atmosphere.
Brno Zoo is a true highlight for families visiting the city with hundreds of incredible animals living within its walls. The particular highlights include the polar bears, tigers and chimpanzees which are sure to delight children and adults of all ages.

Airport Information

Brno-Tu≈ôany Airport is the most central airport to the city and is periodically served throughout the week from some major European airports. The airport is a few miles southeast of the city centre and is pretty close to the main roads.
The airport is connected by a link road going north to the 1 highway, which goes west before turning onto the 41 road, going into central Brno.