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One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic along with one of the largest cities found in the continent. Along with the fun and frolics that attract visitors the world over, the city is historically significant and is the home of Bohemia. This beautiful city is the ideal destination for anyone with an interest in history, culture and architecture. Cathedrals dominate the skyline while the streets are lined with beautiful buildings, towers and bridges. It is an energetic and bustling city with plenty to offer visitors of all interests.

Ideal car

This slightly larger car will serve visitors well on longer journeys but will remain nippy enough to travel through some of the smaller roads and around the road works which are being performed on a regular basis.

Driving in Prague


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Important things to note

While the highways surrounding Prague rarely experience traffic, the roads within Prague itself can experience heavy congestion throughout the week. It is best to avoid rush hour times and aim to drive at the weekends when possible.
There is no greater ring road in Prague which can make navigating the city difficult for first-time visitors. To avoid getting lost, invest in a current roadmap rather than relying upon GPS equipment.
Should drivers choose to take advantage of the park and ride system traffic wardens work there on a regular basis and are very vigilant. Parking should be paid for fully as there is a strong risk of cars being towed once the allotted time has finished.

Highlights & Hotspots

Thanks to a lack of damage from World War II, much of Prague’s most significant architecture has been maintained since it was first built. One such example of the preserved architecture is Prague Castle, the biggest ancient castle in the world. It dominates the skyline and can be explored by those wishing to take a look inside. Best of all, the towers can be climbed and offer incredible views of the city below.
Charles Bridge connects Old Town with Lesser Town and is one of the best examples of historical architecture in the city. Constructed in the 14th Century, it is used for market purposes in the daytime along with musicians and street performers.
Those looking to discover something a touch more modern will be fascinated by Prague Dancing House, nicknamed Fred and Ginger Building. It is a wonderful expressionist building and incredible to see in the flesh.
The Czech National Gallery is split into three sections: Sternberg Palace (pre-Baroque), St George Convent (Czech Baroque and Mannerism) and Veletrzni Palace (19th Century and Modern) meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Airport Information

Vaclac Havel Airport Prague is the central airport serving the city and is located only 20km away from the city centre. It is served internationally and can become incredibly busy around holiday seasons. Despite the close location to the city, plenty of time should be allocated to those travelling to the airport to allow for traffic and road work delays.