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A quaint city in northern Denmark, Aalborg is home to a thriving cultural scene as well as a few reminders of its long history, which dates back over a thousand years. The city’s roots as a Viking and Iron Age settlement are still in evidence, although much of Aalborg’s architecture dates from the 17th century onwards, with a few modern buildings like the Utzon Center dotting the cityscape. Today, if you visit Aalborg, you’re likely to come across a place which is quintessentially Danish. Ornately-designed townhouses, welcoming bars, a vibrant nightlife and crisp, cold mornings are all things you’re likely to come across in Denmark’s most northerly city. You will need to wrap up warm in winter, as Aalborg between November and April can be freezing!

Ideal car

Many of the streets in central Aalborg are cobbled, so it’s important to take something that won’t wear them down such as a supermini. Parking will be easier too.

Driving in Aalborg


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Important things to note

The centre of Aalborg is bicycle-friendly, so it’s important to keep an eye out for cyclists if you’re driving in that part of the city.
If driving on the E45 motorway northeast to Nørresundby, the road becomes an underground tunnel as it approaches the river.
The E39 is the best route for driving southwards out of town. However, traffic can be heavy during public holidays, especially nearer central Aalborg.

Highlights & Hotspots

At the heart of the city is the KUNSTEN Modern Museum of Art. The museum has contemporary and classical works from some of the most famous artists, as well as a few less-heralded ones. It has over 1,500 different pieces of art on display.
Aalborg Zoo is one of the best places in the city to take the whole family. The zoo isn’t the biggest, but despite its size, it has a wonderful array of wildlife which is cared for in an environment not too dissimilar to what they’re used to back home.
The biggest event in the city is the Aalborg Karnival, a festival which is the biggest of its kind in Scandinavia. The Carnival usually takes place on the last weekend of May, comprising of three events – a kids’ carnival, battle of the carnival bands and the main carnival.
If you want to do a little shopping in Aalborg, the best place to go is the Medinaen, a part of the city centre which has a number of small, independent retailers. Here, as well as on some of the nearby streets, you can buy a number of quirky souvenirs.

Airport Information

Aalborg Airport is nearly four miles northwest of the city centre. It has one main passenger terminal and serves as a destination for flights to other cities in Scandinavia, as well as seasonal flights to other parts of Europe.
The airport can be reached by the 55 highway, which goes southwest through N√∏rresundby before reaching the main bridges into central Aalborg. To get there, simply drive southbound on the bridge.