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The second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus is based on the Jutland peninsula (the mainland) and has the vibrant feel of a large city with some areas hosting a small village vibe. With several diverse areas within the city, it’s one of the most ideal cities to visit to understand multiple areas of Denmark’s culture. A nickname for the city is The City of Smiles – this reflects the friendly nature of Denmark as a whole, and reasonably accurately reflects the reception you can expect upon arrival in the city. There are plenty of both traditional and modern experiences to enjoy throughout the city and its surrounding area, making it perfect for anyone looking to explore Scandinavia.

Ideal car

Due to the wide structure of the roads in the city, a 4x4 is the ideal car for those looking for a balance between city driving and country driving, as the vehicle will be practical on all road types.

Driving in Aarhus


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Important things to note

The roads throughout the city are of an excellent condition, with different roads and streets being well designed for navigation. However, many of the roads are of a track-like nature.
Bikes are a popular mode of transport in the city, meaning that drivers should be cautious and aware of them at all times, with priority often given to cyclists over motorists.
Much of the centre of the city is pedestrianized, so it is highly recommended that drivers new to the area familiarise themselves with the city’s parking areas to avoid confusion.

Highlights & Hotspots

Throughout the city is varied and beautiful architecture dating back from various different eras of design through to the modern age. Concert Hall, in particular, should not be missed as it was designed in 1982 by Johan Richter and is nothing short of stunning.
Art of all its forms is well appreciated in the city, with ARoS being one of the best art museums of the country. An absolutely massive museum, along with typical gallery space is ‘9 Spaces’ which has a maze-like feel in atmospheric darkness.
Aarhus has a healthy appreciation for nature and has brought some of the natural Denmark beauty into the city centre. Amongst the highlights to visit when looking for a break from the city centre are Botanisk Have (The Botanical Garden) and Riis Skov (Riss Forest).
Of course, one of the primary appeals of the area for those interested in history is the era of the Vikings, and as the second largest city in Denmark, the Aarhus Viking Museum is amongst the best museums in the country to document this period for the entire family.

Airport Information

Based reasonably close by to the city centre (around 30 minutes’ drive northeast of the centre), Aarhus Tirstrup Airport is served regularly across Europe and nationally, with a mixture of major airlines alongside low-cost flights.
From the 15 highway, keep going west until reaching the junction with the E45. Then, drive south and you’re in Aarhus.