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Located on east coast of the small Danish island of Bornholm, Rønne is the island’s main town, with just short of 15,000 inhabitants. Recognised as Bornholm’s principal trading hub, Rønne is a cultural enclave with plenty of character. Tourists from northern European countries are drawn here by its white, sandy beaches, picturesque rural areas and historic landmarks amongst other things. Rønne comprises several charming cobbled streets on which many historic, half-timbered houses still stand. The most notable of these streets are Lakesegade and Storegade. Here, most of Bornholm’s main sights lie, not to mention much of the island’s cultural, sporting and retail destinations.

Ideal car

When visiting Ronne, it’s well worth taking a look at other areas on the island of Bornholm. Access to your own vehicle is therefore advantageous and a hatchback should be spacious and comfortable enough for the job.

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Important things to note

Route 38 is Bornholm’s only major highway, connecting Rønne in the east and Nexø in the west.
A plentiful supply of both long and short stay car parking is readily available at both Rønne Ferry Port.
Some of the signs around the Ferry Port can be a little confusing. However, to avoid driving there by mistake, stick to the NordreKystvej and Route 38.

Highlights & Hotspots

Approximately 23km north of Rønne, you’ll find Europe’s largest fortress remains, known as Hammerhus. Thought to have once been the home of an ancient Danish king, Valedmar II, visitors can enjoy breath taking view of the coast, while going there at sunset is highly recommended.
Bornholm Bird of prey show is an attraction guaranteed to keep all members of the family entertained. Home to kestrels, falcons and buzzards, the centre allows you to get up close and personal with birds that are normally only able to be viewed from a distance. The showroom provides additional information and images, allowing you to come away with a greater understanding of some of the world’s most fascinating birds of prey.
The island’s principal museum, Bornholm Museum, is also based in Rønne. Here you can gain an insight into the town’s long and intriguing past, through the provision of various artefacts dating back many thousands of years. Erichsens Gård, a fully-furnished former commoner’s house, is also part of the museum, allowing visitors to experience what middle-class life was like on Bornholm during the latter stages of the 19th century.

Airport Information

Rønne’s nearest airport is Bornholm Airport, a mere 6km southeast of the town. From here you can fly to a small handful of destinations including Copenhagen and the Greek Island of Kos.
For flights to destinations further afield, passengers will need to catch a connecting service from Copenhagen Airport. To reach Bornholm Airport by car, leave the town via Route 38, then join the S√∏ndre Ringvej until reaching the airport.