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One of the westernmost islands in the Faroe Islands, the isle of Vágar is popular with visitors throughout Europe who want nothing more than peace and quiet. Its remoteness helps to add to its appeal as a Scandinavian rural idyll, although there are a handful of villages which have all the amenities holidaymakers could possibly wish for. Vágar is best visited during the summer when the snow has melted and roads become more passable. Having its own airport and access to the larger islands as well as capital city Torshavn helps. Among the popular activities on the island include fishing, walking, mountain climbing and bird-watching, which is much-loved among locals as well as tourists.

Ideal car

Although most of the main roads on the island are in excellent condition, wintry weather can cause havoc on the minor routes. A family saloon car fitted with winter tyres should be ok to drive here.

Driving in Vagar


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Important things to note

Vágar has one road connecting it with the larger islands on the Faeroes – the Vágagevur which goes underground before reaching land further east.
Traffic on the main road near the island’s airport tends to be heavy due to the country’s lack of air terminals.
Ferries to other islands, most notably the smaller western isle of Mykines, are available on a daily basis. The ferry terminal is located in Miðvágur.

Highlights & Hotspots

The north-western, western and south-western coasts of Vágar have been designated as an Important Bird Area, as many species live and breed there. Be sure to take care, especially during the summer when many birds are in full flight.
Walking up Árnafjall Mountain, the highest peak on the island at 722m, is a challenge worth considering. If you manage to reach the summit, you will be treated to gorgeous views of the Faeroes from every angle.
The largest village on the island, Miðvágur, is the best place to go for a bite to eat. It also has a museum and the island’s main landmark, Kálvalíd. The house was built in the middle ages and is the oldest building on Vágar.
In the village of Sandavágur, you can go to the annual Vestanstevna, a local festival held by locals at the start of July. It also involves some of the other villages on the island and involves stalls selling fresh food, live music and more.

Airport Information

Vágar Airport (Vága Floghavn) is the island’s only airport. It lies less than a mile east of the village of Sørvágur and serves a handful of destinations throughout Europe, particularly airports throughout Scandinavia. Helicopter flights are available from the airport too.
Handily, the airport is located along the main road going into and out of V√°gar, going to the main villages in either direction.