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The astounding country of Egypt has one of the richest cultures and history of anywhere on the planet, taking great pride in preserving its heritage. Every single visitor has the chance to witness some of the most important landmarks in human history. Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza cannot be missed by anyone travelling to the country and is likely to take the breath away of anyone who casts their eyes on it. Exploring the River Nile and the desert are sure to be thrilling too.

Driving in Egypt


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Important things to note

Due to the difficulty parking in Cairo, many locals will leave their handbrake off when parked to allow other road users to shift their cars when trying to park.
As accidents are common in Egypt, it’s not uncommon to experience minor ones once in a while. If in a city, stay with the car to wait for the police; if in the desert, stay with the car and wait to flag down the next vehicle that comes along.
Fuel is relatively cheap in Egypt, especially compared to Europe and the USA. It is advised to carry an extra can of petrol whenever driving through the desert as petrol stations are sparse outside of built up areas.

Driving culture in Egypt

What are the roads like in Egypt?
The conditions throughout Egypt range from average to good condition, meaning that the physical state of the roads themselves is good. However, many roads, especially in Cairo, are unmarked.
What are the drivers in Egypt like?
As you may expect from a city with 25 million citizens, driving in Cairo can be chaotic and challenging. Horns are used freely. Drivers should also be aware of livestock and donkeys that often walk into the roads. Driving outside of Cairo can be a much more peaceful experience, though drivers should carry drinking water with them at all times.
What are the best times to drive?
In the major cities, the traffic can be busy at all times meaning extra time should always be considered before starting a journey. Drivers are particularly advised against driving at night both in the city and rural areas due to the lack of lighting and other drivers.
What are the driving laws?
Seatbelts should be worn at all times, both in the front and back of the car, and police may issue fines for not wearing them. A passport, home driving license and international driving license must be kept with the driver at all times.