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Long stretches of white, sandy beaches, warm weather and blue lagoons, Fiji is indeed the perfect place for those wanting a taste of paradise. Many people take a break in Fiji on the way to or from Australia as a way to break up the long journey. Made up of 330 islands in the South Pacific, Fiji is a popular choice for honeymooners as well as those with sense of adventure. The northern cluster of islands are home to lush tropical rainforests, others simply boast stunning beaches and amazing coral reefs beneath the surface of the crystal clear ocean.

Driving in Fiji


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Important things to note

Be aware that many minibuses and taxis that operate in Fiji may not be licenced and probably won’t be insured.
Parking wardens are very strict, so make sure you buy (and display) your parking ticket to avoid getting a fine.
There are many petrol stations in the towns and villages, but there tend to be fewer in more rural areas of the island, so make sure you have a full tank before you set off.
Very few petrol stations accept credit or debit card transactions, so ensure you have plenty of cash to pay for your fuel.

Driving culture in Fiji

What are the roads like Fiji?
On Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, only a fifth of roads are sealed. Elsewhere the roads to be very basic and are more dirt tracks than tarmacked roads. Roads can be littered with pot holes. Severe weather can cause further deterioration to the road or even cause the road to be blocked.
What are drivers in Fiji like?
Expect to see very low volumes of traffic. Safety regulations don’t tend to be enforced and are largely ignored by locals, particularly when driving through villages.
What are the best times to drive?
During the day is the best time to drive. Driving at night is strongly discouraged due to the poor condition of the roads.
What are the driving laws?
It is compulsory to wear seatbelts in both front and rear seats of the vehicle.
You cannot use a mobile handset for calls, texts or internet while driving as this is against the law. It is recommended to use a hands-free kit if you want to speak on your mobile phone whilst driving.
It is illegal to eat or drink whilst driving a vehicle.