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A coastal town in Fiji, Nadi is one of the most popular parts of the country with foreign visitors, owing to its proximity to several beaches, the scenery provided by the Pacific Ocean and the lush Fijian countryside. Nadi has a significant number of hotels for a town of its size, while it also has numerous leisure facilities for holidaymakers to enjoy. Nadi is seen locally as a major transport hub on the island of Viti Levu, mainly to get to Lautoka to the north and Suva to the southeast. However, there are things to do in the town itself such as play golf, go shopping at the large local market and wander through the rural parts of the island. The latter activity is best done during the winter when it’s a little less humid.

Ideal car

As there are plenty of imperfections on some of the roads in Nadi, a 4x4 would be sturdy enough to withstand them all, while it would be useful for driving up some of the mountains.

Driving in Nadi


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Important things to note

The only place in town to hire a car is at the local airport, as there aren’t many shops in the centre of Nadi.
Nadi’s road network can be described as mixed. The main routes are fine, but some of the minor roads are bumpy and laden with cracks.
Some of the minor roads in the town, as well as some other parts of Fiji, don’t actually have any road names.

Highlights & Hotspots

Nadi is home to the largest Hindu Temple in the Pacific. Many members of the large Indian population come to worship at the temple, which will take you in with its colourful exterior. Visitors are generally welcome through the daytime.
The nearest shore to Nadi is Wailoaloa Beach. Stretching for around half a mile, the beach has numerous hotels and bars nearby. It also has a few resorts which offer a myriad of ways to get entertained on an evening.
One of the more eccentric attractions is the Nadi Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Formerly owned by a Hollywood actor, this garden has a large collection of tropical orchids and has plenty of walking trails which have numerous other plants along the way.
Nadi’s town market is the best place in the local area to go shopping. Aside from fresh food, you’re also likely to find ceramics, music, clothes and other handicrafts available for sale at surprisingly low prices.

Airport Information

Nadi International Airport is located almost two miles north northeast of the town centre. It is Fiji’s main air terminal, providing flights to destinations throughout Oceania, Asia and North America including Sydney, Los Angeles and Auckland.
The airport is located near Queens Road. Take that road southbound and you will find yourself in Nadi in next to no time.