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Based in the Lapland region of Finland, the small town of Ivalo is something of a paradise in the middle of an otherwise deserted area. Containing the northernmost airport of the country, the town serves as a fantastic stop-off on the way to other parts of the region, no matter how remote they may seem. The area may be small but it is, of course, beautiful thanks to the surrounding natural scenery and traditional-meets-modern mind set. Likewise, there are a surprisingly large number of services throughout the town that are sure to satisfy any visitor, be they educational, cultural or, in particular, commercial.

Ideal car

A powerful 4x4 should make traversing through the town and surrounding area far easier than any other vehicle type.

Driving in Ivalo


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Important things to note

The quality of the roads running throughout the town is high, though the roads around the town are of a varying quality due primarily to potholes created by the climate.
During the winter months, Ivalo experiences plenty of snowfall, with the surrounding area also affected. It is essential that all drivers are aware of the hazards and are well-prepared.
Daylight hours are very short during the winter months, meaning visibility in the surrounding area can be very limited.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Ivalo River is a must-visit for anyone hoping to understand some of the history of the town on a first-hand basis. A major site of the 1870 Gold Rush, the river is still panned by those hoping to find gold to this day.
Based only 8km south of the town, Kamisak is an ideal place to spend the day for families and animal lovers alike. While the centre is open all-year-round, the safari tour of the area operates between November and April, while a chance to meet the huskies is available throughout the year.
Ideal for those who love a challenge, the Arctic Rally Team gives you everything you need to learn how to drive in the winter. Intensive courses are available and will give you everything you need to know about driving in snow, along with the fun sport of rally driving.
Lake Inari is based in the neighbouring village of Inari and makes for a year-long location of idyllic rest and relaxation. Fishing is abundant in the lake while canoeing; horse riding and husky sledding are also available of enjoyment depending upon the season.

Airport Information

The most northerly airport in Finland, Ivalo Airport is very quiet during the summer months with only two daily connecting flights domestically, but becomes far busier during the winter period when tourists tend to flock there.
The airport is located 17km from the centre of Ivalo, making it a very convenient distance to travel and is also fairly central to the surrounding towns. It can be reached via the E75 motorway.