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A city in north-western France, Angers sits on the banks of the Loire, surrounded by lush green countryside. The city is known for its medieval centre, although these days it is renowned for being a major seat of education. In spite of being home to just over 200,000 people, Angers has a vibrant nightlife, helped by its significant student population. In Angers, it’s possible to see both old and new within just a few metres of each other. The cityscape has a mix of modern offices and apartment blocks, impressive spires and old-style buildings which date back several centuries. It’s also a good place to go shopping, as international chains and local boutiques sit side-by-side in the city centre.

Ideal car

To keep all bases covered, a small family car will be ideal for driving through the suburbs, on the highways and in parts of the city centre. Street parking will be easier too.

Driving in Angers


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Important things to note

Some of the motorways going into and out of Angers to other cities like Nantes and Rennes have toll charges ranging from €2 to €25.
Some of the roads in the city centre are pedestrianized, while others are one-way and pretty narrow, causing heavy traffic during weekday mornings and evenings.
The two main motorways in Angers are the A11, which goes east to west and the A87, which goes southwards.

Highlights & Hotspots

Angers’ most notable landmark is the Castle Fortress. With 17 towers, many of them having a unique striped façade, it’s one of the largest of its kind in the whole of France. The fortress itself is worth walking around to see the site in full.
At the fortress, there is a massive tapestry depicting the apocalypse. The tapestry, which attracts visitors from all over the world, is arguably one of the finest works of art to ever have been created in the middle ages.
Just outside Angers is the Val de Loire (Loire Valley), which is officially a World Heritage Site. The Valley is home to numerous vineyards, orchards, vegetable fields and a handful of historic towns. The Valley is also a good place to go for a walk.
In Angers, there are plenty of museums to visit. The best one of the lot is the Museum of Fine Arts, set in a stately home. The museum has works from the likes of Chardin, Watteau and Boucher, all classical French artists.

Airport Information

Angers – Loire Airport is close to the town of Marce, 12 miles northeast of the centre of Angers. It serves a handful of destinations in France, not to mention seasonal flights to and from London. There is one passenger terminal here.
The city also has its own high-speed train station, which is easily accessible from most parts of Angers.