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The beautiful French Riviera is the ideal place to escape to the rolling countryside and soak up the tranquil atmosphere. Located on the Rhône River in the south east of the country, Avignon has everything you could want from your French getaway; fantastic weather, a rich and fascinating history and plush landscapes. The city is home to many beautiful historic buildings; so many that you could easily spend an afternoon simply wandering the streets, admiring the architecture. The city also hosts traditional street markets selling a range of fresh produce as well as antiques and other local goods. Avignon also has a vibrant nightlife, being home to many fantastic restaurants where foodies can indulge in fine dining and rich French delicacies. There also a wide range of bars as well as clubs and live music venues, for those after a more lively night out.

Ideal car

A hatchback would be ideal for city driving and manoeuvring into small or tight parking spaces. A hatchback is also suitable for motorway driving, should you choose to travel long-distances.

Driving in Avignon Tgv


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Important things to note

Highways can be very busy and congested during July and August, so it’s generally recommended to plan your journey accordingly.
Parking meters are in operation around the city. Ensure you adhere with parking regulations to avoid being clamped or getting a fine.
In ‘blue zones’ you must display a blue disc or parking ticket in order to park there. Discs are available for purchase at police stations and tourist information offices.

Highlights & Hotspots

The city walls acted as defence during the 14th century with moats and openings in the parapets. Restored during the 19th century, Avignon’s city walls are certainly worth checking out, especially for first time visitors.
Known for having a fantastic coast, a trip to the beach is a must for anyone who wants to relax, soak up the sun or take a relaxing stroll along the shore. There are a range of gorgeous, sandy beaches only a short drive from the city.
The Palais des Papes is an imposing Gothic palace, located in the heart of the city. Now a UNESCO world-heritage site, visitors are free to tour the towers and enormous rooms inside the palace. Visitors are free to tour the palace themselves or take a guided tour for a small fee.
The city is home to a range of museums, most notably the Modern Art Museum which is home to range of modern and contemporary works. Admission to most museums in Avignon is cheap, if not free of charge.

Airport Information

The nearest airport to Avignon is Avignon-Caumont Airport, five miles southwest of Avignon. It’s sandwiched between the A7 and N&, which takes you towards central Avignon. It has one main passenger terminal.
Avignon also has a high-speed TGV rail station, which is located a short distance from Avignon town centre and is an easy five minute drive into the centre.