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Although it’s not one of the more popular parts of France for foreign visitors, the charming town of Beauvais in Picardy is a good place to explore the true France. Its history dates back to Roman times, when it was known as Caesaromagus, while the town is also home to the Beauvais Hoard, a collection of valuable Middle Age coins which were discovered near Paris. Based in northern France, Beauvais enjoys a temperate climate where cold winters are followed by mild springs and warm summers. The town’s boulevards are a great place to go for a stroll when the sun is out and you want to take a few photos or do a little shopping in the boutiques.

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A good sized family car will serve any driver well in Beauvais and the surrounding areas.

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Important things to note

Despite being a town of just over 50,000 people, Beauvais is well-connected to major cities like Paris, as well as the border with Belgium.
The Office de Tourisme du Beauvaisis is at 1 Rue Beauregard. There, you will get all the information about the local area you need.
All signs written in Beauvais are written in French, but on the roads they are pretty easy to understand if going on symbols alone.

Highlights & Hotspots

Beauvais Cathedral is the town’s main attraction. Dedicated to Saint Peter, it was first built in 1247 and was once the tallest cathedral in Europe. It was designated as a historic monument in 1840 and attracts visitors from all over France.
Elsewhere in Beauvais, the episcopal palace was built in the 16th century. It’s now being used as a courthouse, but it’s one of the town’s more notable landmarks. It’s part of the older area of Beauvais.
The Hotel de Ville was built in 1752 and is at the heart of the Place de l’Hotel de Ville where several beautiful buildings with a rich history of their own have survived since the middle of the last millennium.
Plan D’Eau du Canada, translated as Canada Lake in English, is a great place to go for a boat ride if you’re in the mood for something gentle. There’s a café nearby where you can have a quick bit to eat afterwards.

Airport Information

Beauvais-Tille Airport is 2.2 miles north-northeast of Beauvais in the town of Tille. The airport serves as a terminal for low-cost airlines sending passengers to Paris. It has two terminals and has flights to and from Glasgow Prestwick, Dublin, Shannon, Edinburgh and Manchester.
To get away from Beauvais-Tille Airport by car, there are a few highways which are nearby, taking you in the direction of Beauvais itself and Paris. The airport is closed between the hours of 11.30pm and 6am.