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A holiday in the Dordogne is becoming increasingly popular for those wanting a holiday to get away from it all, indulge in fine French cuisine, fine wine and take in the rich French culture. The Dordogne is widely considered as one the best ways experience an authentic French holiday. The charming town of Bergerac is located in the stunning countryside and offers a variety of impressive historical buildings included castles and other medieval structures. With its beautiful squares, continental cafes and picturesque countryside, it’s little wonder that Bergerac is amongst the most popular places in France for British people to buy a second home. The weather is typically sunny in Bergerac, with the rainiest month being April. The warmed month is August, with temperatures reaching 22˚C and while you won’t see the sizzling summer temperatures you might expect elsewhere, you’ll still find comfortably warm weather throughout the summer months.

Ideal car

Family car
As one of the sleepier French cities, and home to some of the best rural pursuits, it’s not necessary to have the biggest car when driving in Bergerac. A family car is ideal for getting around – the weather is warm and mild enough all year round to make most cars suitable.

Driving in Bergerac


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Important things to note

Driving is the best way to get around the Dordogne, so it’s recommended to plan your journeys in and around Bergerac in advance.
Crime is generally low in this part of France, however, it’s advisable to exercise a good level of personal security and be aware of pickpockets or other petty thieves.
While many locals speak some English, it would be handy to learn some French before visiting Bergerac.

Highlights & Hotspots

Bergerac has a wonderful blend of stunning architecture and medieval buildings where you’ll find many chateaux on the hills and in the countryside, for those wanting to discover the history of the Dordogne. Chateau de Monbazillac also has an interesting and informative museum and is only a short drive away.
Wine-tasting is popular choice for those who fancy themselves as something of a wine connoisseur, especially as Bergerac is home to vast range of vineyards where you can take a tour and learn about the history of the region as well as sample in some of the local delights!
For a more active way to explore the countryside, why not take a kayaking trip down the river Dronne to get a true taste of rural France.
Visit the Grotte de Rouffignac a massive cavern hidden deep in the woodland north of Les Eyzies where you’ll take a train journey into the depths of the cavern to see the fascinating cave paintings.

Airport Information

Bergerac Airport is located less than 2 miles southeast of Bergerac and is roughly a ten minute drive along the route national 21 (N21).