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A town on the north-western coast of Corsica in France, Calvi is a major port for the island, while it also happens to have one of Corsica’s most popular beaches within half a mile of its centre. Calvi attracts a huge number of visitors to the island each year, many of whom are enamoured with its significant number of major historical sites. In Calvi, you’re able to find at least one building or site which hints at its past as a strategic location used during many wars, many of which bating back to Napoleonic times. Today, the older part of Calvi has been well-maintained, housing many shops and restaurants which will keep holidaymakers occupied for hour after hour.

Ideal car

As the roads in Calvi and the surrounding villages are narrow and contain numerous sharp turns, a smaller car is the safest possible thing to drive here.

Driving in Calvi


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Important things to note

Barring a semi-regular train service running between the town and other parts of Corsica, public transport is non-existent in Calvi, meaning a car is almost essential here.
Some of the town’s historic centre is almost impassable by car in heavy traffic. Be sure to find somewhere close by to park.
If going to Calvi by car from elsewhere on the island, take the N197, as it’s the widest and easiest route to take.

Highlights & Hotspots

Cathedrale St-Jean-Baptiste is the biggest landmark in the town. In the heart of the Citadel, there are tours available of the building, which is one of the finest examples of Genoese architecture you’re ever likely to come across.
The Citadel itself is home to more besides the cathedral. It also houses an art gallery and a handful of upmarket shops and restaurants. Be sure to take your time here, as there are numerous steps and cobbles paving the streets here.
If shopping in Calvi, the best street to go to for all things fashion is Rue Artisanat. Here, there are several boutiques as well as shops selling everything from hats to watches. There are some also selling food such as cured meats and olive oil.
The Torra di Calvi is a tower located in the town built during Genoese occupation of Corsica. Designated as one of the Official Historical Monuments of France, the tower offers panoramic views of the beach, gulf and, in the other direction, of Calvi itself.

Airport Information

Calvi ‚Äì Sainte-Catherine Airport (A?©roport de Calvi - Sainte-Catherine) is the town‚Äôs main airport, serving northern Corsica. It is located 3.5 miles south of the town, serving destinations throughout Europe.
The airport is located just off the D81, which goes north onto the N197. Take that road west then north and keep going until in the centre of Calvi.