Carcassonne Airport Car Rental

Carcassonne Airport Car Rental


Sat on top of a high hill, the city of Carcassonne overlooks the picturesque landscape of southern France. This walled city, with its cobbled streets, towers and draw-bridges; making it seem something of a fairy-tale, is, in fact, said to be the place that inspired Walt Disney’s animation of The Sleeping Beauty. This scenic French town is adorned with a brilliant transportation system that includes an efficient airport, great train station and a number of different car rental options. Everything from 4x4s to small saloons are offered and could well be required in this elegant yet rustic destination. Driving distance from Carcassonne AirportThe rental car companies situated at Carcassonne Airport offer travellers the luxury of having the sunny south of France at their fingertips. With Carcassonne City only 1km away, placing this small airport only a short drive from the beautifully enchanting city, car hire is the perfect way to get around.

Renting a Car at Carcassonne Airport

There is a good amount of car hire companies located at the airport and, with Carcassonne airport only having one terminal, each company is incredibly easy to find. You will find all of the car rental desks located  in the main terminal building just as you come past passport control and baggage claim. Overall, the rental firms at Carcassonne Airport tend to be open for most of the day although hours do vary from operator to operator.  It is advised to make a booking reservation before your arrival, as although you could arrive at the rental desks and hire a car pretty much on the spot, during the more popular travel periods such as the summer months the cars available tend to get booked up incredibly quickly.
There is a huge amount to choose from when you arrive at Carcassonne Airport, with every car rental company offering at least one option per vehicle class.Knowing exactly what you want beforehand will make sure that the size of the car and the add-ons it comes with perfectly suit your needs. Most car hire companies provide a wide range of add-ons for renters, such as GPS, child safety seats, break down cover and much more. When booking a car don’t forget to specify whether you want a vehicle with air conditioning, especially if you’re planning to visit during the warmer months when temperatures regularly top 20 degrees.Before committing to hiring a car its worth checking the company’s policy on the age of drivers, as some won’t rent vehicles to under 25s while others will rent to younger drivers but will include an additional daily charge on the hired vehicle. Companies tend to rent to anyone over 21, however each firm’s policy differs slightly so be sure to check age restrictions on vehicles before you arrive at Carcassonne Airport. If you reserve a car before your arrival make sure to check the company’s policy on documents and identification, thus avoiding any confusion or disappointment at the beginning of what has the potential to be a wonderful  holiday in the south of France.  It is also important to note that most rental agreements can only be completed if a valid driver’s license, passport and credit card are provided. 

Carcassonne Airport Guide

Carcassonne Airport is located in the Languedoc region in the South of France on the western edge of the city of Carcassonne, only 91 km from the popular town of Toulouse.  The best way to find it from the road is to follow the A64.Despite being one of the smallest commercial hubs in France, Carcassonne Airport, which only has one terminal, welcomed  almost half a million passengers in 2008 alone. This part of southern France has grown in popularity hugely in the past couple of years and that has been reflected in the airport’s traffic, which has increased 70 per cent in the past five years. On the ground, though, the airport still holds onto the quaint charm it is famous for. This diminutive airport lays claim to only one shop, which sells a range of local products as well as a small selection of magazines, newspapers, books and toys.  There is also a café/bar located above the departures lounge on the first floor of the main terminal. The Restaurant Salvaza overlooks the runway and sells a selection of hot and cold foods and drinks. This celebrated eatery is a formal style restaurant where you can taste some of the food native to the region.  The cuisine here is often top priority to travellers that want an early taste of the local produce and, tellingly, those that want one last bite before they leave. 
The airport also has an ATM machine, business meeting rooms and for a small price Wi-Fi is available. A few local bed and breakfasts and hotels are located close to the airport, providing travellers that have delayed flights a safe and comfortable place to stay. Transfers can easily be arranged to local hotels and other accommodation providers in or around the city. Carcassonne City is only a 10-15 minute drive from the airport but if you don’t fancy driving there is also a shuttle bus service that regularly runs throughout the day between the airport and the city centre. These services are not usually full so booking in advance is seldom a necessity. Alternatively, there is a taxi rank located directly outside the airport offering a cheap and efficient travel service or, if you don’t want to wait around, the airport offers passengers a transfer service. Pre-booking a transfer guarantees you a safe and speedy onward journey, and allows for large groups to all travel together rather than being split onto separate shuttle buses. If you book a transfer all you have to do is collect your luggage and go to the arrivals hall where a driver will be waiting for you, ready to transfer you to your pre-chosen destination. Using this service can be great for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the airport before they meet up with their rental vehicle.

Driving to Carcassonne Airport

When driving to the airport, drivers will need to use the A61 auto route that serves as a link between Toulouse and the Mediterranean coast.