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Located on the south coast of Grande-Terre Pointe-à-Pitre is Guadeloupe’s largest town. While the town has suffered as a result of being destroyed and rebuilt numerous times, there are still plenty of charms and treasures to be explored here. There’s plenty to discover elsewhere on the fascinating island of Grand-Terre from beaches and rainforests to charming villages and vibrant towns. Pointe-à-Pitre is renowned for its European-style design with a range of excellent shops and boutiques, perfect for those who like enjoy picking up plenty of bargains and unique treasures. The town is quite the cultural hub, home to a number of interesting museums and impressive buildings. The town’s waterfront is renowned for its range of cafes and shops.

Ideal car

In the town, you will need something that’s ideal for negotiating narrow roads and alleys and perfect for busy town centre driving, which is where a hatchback would come in handy.

Driving in Pointe A Pitre


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Important things to note

Driving in and around the town centre is fairly straightforward with most areas of interest clearly signposted, albeit in French.
Road conditions vary. Most main roads and those in the town centre are in fairly good condition but some rural routes might be poorly-maintained and heavily potholed.
Exercise caution while driving, as local drivers are known to make sudden and dangerous manoeuvres when you least expect it.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Musée St-John Perse is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the town. Situated inside a stunning 19th century colonial building, visitors will have an insight into a period Creole home. Dedicated to poet laureate Alexis Léger, the museum has a range of exhibits and displays of the poet’s work.
Pointe-à-Pitre is renowned for its excellent European-style shopping. You’ll discover a range of French imported goods from jewellery and perfume to designer clothes, in the quirky shopping village.
Discover the town’s heritage at the Musée Schoelcher, a museum situated inside a period building and dedicated to the life of Victor Schoelcher – renowned activist against slavery in Guadeloupe. Here you’ll discover a wide range of exhibits and artefacts and learn about the Schoelcher’s life and work.
Admire the architecture of the stunning Cathèdrale de St-Pierre et St-Paul. Known as the ‘Iron Cathedral’ owing to the iron girders supporting the building having suffered significant damage from hurricanes and earthquakes, this impressive building has many notable architectural features.

Airport Information

Pointe-?†-Pitre International Airport is located approximately two miles north of Pointe-?†-Pitre town centre, serving as the main airport for Guadeloupe. It mainly offers flights to other parts of the Caribbean and Europe.
The airport is located conveniently near the N5, which goes straight towards the town centre. The N5 connects to the N1, which goes around the centre of Pointe- ?† -Pitre.

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