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Menton is a medium-sized town on the Côte d’Azur, located just a few miles east of Nice while being around the same distance from the border with Italy and the region of Liguria. Menton is known for being a hive of activity for people who want to go sailing across the French Riviera, while it’s also famous for helping to nurse people back to health. The town has a laidback vibe which makes it popular with older visitors, especially those who want to retire somewhere sunnier. Menton also has a reputation for being lemon-growing country, with the citrus fruit proving to be integral to the local economy and much of the culture here. Surprisingly, Menton is meant to be milder than other parts of the Riviera.

Ideal car

The winding, narrow roads of Menton and neighbouring towns and villages makes it important for you to drive something small and capable of going around sharp corners such as a supermini.

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Important things to note

Most of the historic old town area of Menton is pedestrianized, with little space available for car parking.
Menton is close to the Italian border, although crossing it shouldn’t be a problem if you have a valid EU passport.
In Menton, you should be aware of the town’s one-way system, which can be hard to get round for anyone not used to it. Parking near the port and walking is a safe option.

Highlights & Hotspots

Formerly a bastion near the town’s port, the Jean Cocteau Museum celebrates the artist’s work in a rather surprising setting. Throughout the museum, there are interactive displays of all his finest pieces, plus a large mosaic by the man himself.
The Fête du Citron is a festival dedicated to all things related to lemons. Held throughout February, the festival includes stalls selling food made with the fruit as well as other quirky side-events which may fascinate you more than you realise.
Another festival of note in Menton is the Festival de Musique de Menton. From the end of July to mid-August, the festival basically comprises of classical music being played live by orchestras in venues throughout the town.
One of the more unique buildings in Menton is the Cimetière du Vieux Chateau, a Russian Orthodox chapel. Aside from being great to look at from every angle, it also houses the grave of William Webb Ellis, the founding father of rugby.

Airport Information

Nice C?¥te d'Azur Airport (A?©roport Nice C?¥te d'Azur) is 22 miles southwest of Menton. It is one of France‚Äôs biggest and busiest airports, offering flights to destinations all over Europe and other continents including Africa.
Getting to the airport is possible from the D2566, which goes up to the A8. Take the A8 westbound until joining the M6202, which goes south towards the airport.