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A small town lying some 60 miles from the French Riviera, Rodez is a sleepy yet welcoming kind of place which is ideal for anyone who wants to visit the coast or head to the Pyrenees without being stuck in the more densely-populated parts of France. Rodez is also within easy reach of Toulouse and isn’t too far away from the border with Spain. As for the town itself, Rodez has plenty going for it. A massive cathedral dominates the skyline, while there are plenty of rolling hills surrounding the town’s environs. The weather’s pretty enticing too, with warm air coming from the Mediterranean during the summer and winters and springs both being surprisingly mild.

Ideal car

As an old town, it’s ideal to drive something smaller along some of the routes here. It will also make driving out into the countryside a little less tricky than with a larger vehicle.

Driving in Rodez Marcillac


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit

90 kmh

Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

The centre of Rodez is pedestrianized, so it’s advisable not to drive here due to the cobbled surface. Parking is available nearby.
The main route in and out of Rodez by road is the N88 highway. It takes you towards Toulouse northbound and the Pyrenees southbound.
Reliance on cars in Rodez is higher than in many other towns of its size. A basic train service to major cities means driving is the best way to get around.

Highlights & Hotspots

Rodez is home to Cathedrale Notre-Dame. What makes this particular cathedral so interesting is that the western wall which helped to enclose the centre of Rodez during medieval times is completely closed. The cathedral itself is one of the biggest in the south of France.
The Musee Denys-Puech is an art gallery, founded by local hero and renowned sculptor Puech back in 1903. Some of the original collections, including some from Puech himself, still survive today while works from Maurice Bompard and Eugene Viala also feature regularly.
Anyone with a keen interest in history should consider paying a visit to the Musée Fenaille. It has plenty of historical and archaeological artefacts, many of them discovered locally. The museum is one of the more family-friendly venues in Rodez.
Rodez has regular farmers’ markets – usually three every week. They sell local produce which you can take back to your hotel room and sample for yourself. Shopping in the centre of Rodez is a pretty good experience too, as there aren’t many chain stores.

Airport Information

Rodez-Marcillac Airport is six miles northwest of Rodez near the village of Marcillac. It has one main terminal and serves passengers from across the region flying to parts of Europe including Palma de Mallorca and Dublin.
The airport is located just south of the D840 freeway, which takes you southeast towards Rodez itself. Northbound, it goes towards Decazeville.

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