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One of a number of towns on the French Riviera, Saint-Tropez is a port town which is associated with the Jet-Set lifestyle which has become synonymous with this part of the world. People come here to soak up the sun, see some of the sights and go sailing from the town, but is there anything else to do here? People often go to Saint-Tropez to explore the Riviera as a whole, while the town has a reputation for being a major inspiration for many artists throughout the past few centuries. The town is also within a stone’s throw of the Provence countryside, which has many a great walking route. However, sailing and sun are Saint-Tropez’s main calling cards.

Ideal car

If visiting by car, a smaller vehicle is the most sensible option for drivers, as the narrow streets of Saint-Tropez tend to be harder to navigate with anything bigger.

Driving in Saint Tropez


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Important things to note

Most of the streets in Saint-Tropez are narrow and have plenty of tourists walking up and down them, making it difficult for drivers.
The best possible option for drivers is to park their car at the large parking lot on the edge of town. From there, it’s possible to reach the town by foot.
One of the quicker ways to get to Saint-Tropez from Sainte-Maxime is by ferry. Rides are regular during the summer when more people visit.

Highlights & Hotspots

The main sailing event in Saint-Tropez is the annual Regatta, which takes place at the end of every September. It attracts many yachts and speedboats which dock in the town’s Marina, many of which are owned by some of the world’s richest people.
Further inland, the town’s Musee de l’Annonciade is home to a huge number of artworks, many from the early 20th century. Post-impressionist paintings as well as some of the most famous works of Fauve are on permanent display.
In spite of being a small town, Saint-Tropez is home to a significant number of shops, bars and cafes, mainly along the waterfront. Boutiques sit alongside cafes for the wealthy locals, although there are some more reasonably priced places to shop towards the centre.
The beaches of Saint-Tropez are as impressive as any found in France. Pampelonne is the longest, spanning three miles. Further inland, La Glaye, La Ponche and de la Fontanette are much smaller but closer to the centre of town.

Airport Information

The nearest major airport to the city is Toulon-Hyeres Airport, located 28 miles west-southwest of the town. It serves domestic and international flights from its one main terminal, although many of these are seasonal.
The airport is close to the D197, which goes north onto the D559. Then, take a right onto the D98 highway, which then becomes the D98A when reaching Saint-Tropez.

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