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The largest city in Alsace, Strasbourg is a city where history and authority cross paths regularly. Its historic centre, the Grande Ile, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while it’s also home to many institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights. Today, Strasbourg has become famous as a major industrial city. Strasbourg’s location on the border with Germany to the west of the Rhine helps to see French and German culture combine to create something truly unique, whether it’s in the city’s bars or in the rolling hills surrounding the suburbs. Most of the residents speak French, although some residents are likely to know German, while the ancient Alsatian language is spoken sparingly.

Ideal car

Strasbourg is a green city, while many of the roads in the centre are a little narrow. Bringing a small car is ideal if you want to drive without worrying about getting out of tight spaces.

Driving in Strasbourg


Road Driving Side


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Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

Prices vary between different car parks. If you want to save money, be prepared to look around, as some prices are often subject to change.
Some of the streets in the city centre are off-limits for cars. Try to stay away from the city centre just to be on the safe side.
Providing you have a valid EU passport, you won’t encounter any problems when driving across the border into Germany.

Highlights & Hotspots

Probably the most notable landmark in Strasbourg is the Cathedral Notre Dame. In the heart of the Grande Ile, it has an imposing 142m-tall tower, providing many visitors with an excuse to get their cameras out and take a few pictures.
L’Opera is the city’s baroque-style opera house. Home to the city’s main opera company, there are regular productions of classics, using plenty of local performers to give each show a little twist on what you might expect to see elsewhere.
Another area of Strasbourg worth exploring is Petite France, a small part of the city centre just south of Grande Ile. Some of the houses are half-timber, looking as good as they will have done during the 16th and 17th centuries, while there are plenty of shops and cafes here.
If you want to see something a little more futuristic, Stockfeld is a garden city in the Neuhof district. Built just over a decade ago, it’s an ideal place to get away from the busy centre if it all gets a little too much for you.

Airport Information

Strasbourg International Airport is 6.2 miles west-southwest of the city centre near the satellite town of Entzheim. It has one passenger terminal and offers flights to a number of major French cities, as well as destinations throughout Europe including London.
The airport is just a mile away from the A35, which goes eastwards into Strasbourg itself. To get onto it, you should get the D221, drive eastwards onto the link road which then goes south to a junction with the A35.

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