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Based in the western area of the French Riviera, Toulon is a mid-sized city sandwiched between Marseille and Nice. A beautiful city with a warm climate, it is generally agreeable to visit all year round, with the June weather often hitting above 30˚C. With 3,000 years of history, the city has a rich culture that aims to celebrate its many populated years. There is also a strong natural element to the city thanks to the hills and coastal line. History lovers will also enjoy the preserved Roman and medieval artefacts.

Ideal car

The narrow and twisting roads require a very small car in order to create an easy driving environment.

Driving in Toulon


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Important things to note

The town is connected by highways to Marseille and Nice making it a relatively easy drive, though there are tolls from both directions to enter the city via the highways.
Much of the city remains structured around its historical routes which can make navigating occasionally difficult, especially around the city centre.
The city is built upon several hills, meaning driving can be occasionally difficult; it is advised that visitors invest in a new map or GPS in order to avoid confusion.

Highlights & Hotspots

Based just north of the harbour, the historical centre is known as Vielle Ville due to being built in the Middle Ages. The streets of the area are winding and narrow, allowing visitors to imagine the lives of the inhabitants that lived in the area many hundreds of years ago.
Cours Lafayette is the area of the traditional markets of the city that take place every Monday morning. The market offers local produce, from food to clothing and everything in between and is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy some traditional products.
There is also a modern area to the city known as Haute ville and is located in a higher location than the old town. The town was founded by Baron Haussmann who was later called upon to design suburbs in Paris.
Place de la Liberte is the centre square of the area with a stunning fountain based in the centre. During the winter months, an excellent ice rink is set up in the middle of a quaint Christmas market that attracts visitors from all around the area.

Airport Information

Based 18km east of the city centre, Toulon-Hyeres Airport is well linked to other domestic airports, along with occasional budget airlines from the UK. The airport links to the city either by the highway or the scenic coastal route.
The airport has one passenger terminal. It is close to a number of minor routes but is connected to the town of Hyeres, which is fairly close to Toulon.

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