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Baden, more famously known as Baden-Baden, is a town and district in southern Germany which is known for its mountainous landscape and stunning views. Its proximity to the banks of the Rhine and the border with France means that a jaunt across the river won’t stray too far from your thoughts, but what is the historic town known for besides its famous vistas? Here, you’re more than likely to come across a spa, as the town is renowned for its thermal springs near the edge of the Black Forest. Its location amid the forest means that you’re spoilt for choice in terms of walking routes, while its reputation as a hangout for the rich and famous means that there are plenty of high-class bars, casinos and boutiques lining the streets

Ideal car

The winding streets of Baden-Baden and the surrounding villages and countryside mean that, for getting around, a small car such as a supermini is the best possible vehicle.

Driving in Baden


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Important things to note

Driving in the town centre is best avoided due to the compact nature of the streets. It’s small enough to walk around.
Traffic is pretty heavy going in the direction of Baden Airpark. It gets busier between the town and the airport in the summer.
If wanting to travel to nearby Kalrsruhe, the best way to do so is by driving up Autobahn 5, which is just a few minutes’ west of the town.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Freider Burda Museum in the town centre is an art museum which has, among other things, collections of paintings by Gerhard Richter. It also has many other fine examples of German Expressionist art which helps to attract visitors from all over the globe.
A little more unique than your average museum, the Faberge Museum is privately-run, containing many examples of fine jewellery created by Carl Faberge, who supplied his works to the rich and famous during his time. Look out for the Faberge eggs!
The Casino (Spielbank) is a casino-cum-cocktail club where you can live it up as if you were James Bond. The casino has several roulette tables and gilt ceilings, while you might be able to spot a few celebs while sipping on a vodka martini.
No visit to Baden-Baden should be complete without a day at a spa. The Carcaralla Therme is as good a place as any to enjoy the thermal springs, while there are whirlpools and waterfalls for visitors to enjoy at their leisure.

Airport Information

Baden-Airpark, known locally as Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, is 7.5 miles west of Baden-Baden. The airport is a major terminal for low-cost airlines offering flights throughout Europe, many of which going to southern Europe.
The airport is near the 36 highway, which, by turning eastbound onto the 500, will take you straight towards the centre of Baden-Baden.##Top Car Hire Locations in Germany