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As the capital of Germany, Berlin is a sprawling metropolis with a population of 4.5 million living within the city limits. There is an ideal balance between culturally historic preservations and modern experiences, making it one of the most exciting European cities to spend time in. Praised internationally for its tolerance and positive attitudes, it is famed for offering a diverse range of activities for even those with the most specific of tastes. From food to nightlife, museums to sports, this beautiful city has so much to offer and has travellers returning to visit time and time again.

Ideal car

A small, fuel efficient car will easily manage the high quality roads of Berlin. The fuel efficiency will not only help to make fuel last much longer in this large city, but will also aid those looking to drive through low emission areas of the city.

Driving in Berlin


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Important things to note

The city of Berlin is encircled by a major ring motorway from which almost all main motorways in the country are connected, making it easy to access from all across Germany.
While driving in Berlin can become slow and congested at times, the wide roads and many ring roads within the city make it fairly easy to navigate and understand after only a few days of driving. The roads are also in excellent condition throughout all areas of the city.
All areas within the S-Bahn ring are low emission and all cars, including those with foreign number plates, must bear an emission sticker or face heavy fining. However, there are exceptions made for historic cars.

Highlights & Hotspots

Given the size of Berlin, there are many districts that offer distinct and original forms of entertainment and culture. Mitte, based at the centre of the city, is known as the historical hub, offering a range of traditional cafes, restaurants, museums and landmarks for all to enjoy.
For those looking for a more modern and youthful experience, East Central is best known for its forward-thinking approach with plenty of bars, nightclubs and restaurants that attract a younger clientele. There is also a strong artistic community that showcases work in the many galleries open to those who enjoy progressive and challenging art.
Of course Berlin’s troubled past is well known globally and the city has recognised this with a series of memorials and museums that quietly and effectively pay tribute to lost lives. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the Berlin Wall Memorial in particular offer visitors a chance to gain an understanding of the past and pay their respects.
Families will adore the zoos and aquariums that feature in the city and have been given landmark status due to the age of the places along with the variety of life on offer to see and observe.

Airport Information

The Tegel International Airport is based in the north-west of the city and is very easily accessible from all areas of the city.
The airport is a hub for almost all major international airlines though due to the amount of traffic passing through and around the airport, travellers should plan plenty of time around journeys to accommodate delays.##Top Car Hire Locations in Germany