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Home to approximately half a million inhabitants, Dresden is a large city located in the East of Germany with a long and fascinating history. The city was subjected to heavy bombing during World War II, leaving many of its buildings badly damaged and in need of desperate repair for a few decades, right up until reunification in 1990. Today, although the majority have been restored, evidence of the destruction caused is still visible, yet contributes to the city’s own individual charm and character. The city attracts approximately 10 million visitors per year, most of which come from elsewhere in Germany. Nevertheless, global visitor numbers are growing due to Dresden’s convenient location between Berlin and Prague.

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Many of Dresden’s main hotspots, particularly those in the Old Town, are easily accessible on foot, but for getting around the city, a small car is the best possible option.

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Important things to note

Thanks to its numerous car parks, finding a space shouldn’t pose too problematic. However, Saturdays can be particularly crowded due to large numbers of shoppers.
Travelling to Berlin and other neighbouring cities such as Prague is particularly straightforward due to Dresden’s close proximity to some of Germany’s major highways.
Due to the shopping hours in Dresden city centre, traffic won’t usually quieten down until after 8pm, when most of the shops tend to close.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Frauenkirche is undoubtedly Dresden’s most famous landmark. Restored during the years following renunciation due to the extreme damage caused by the Allied bombings, this impressive piece of architecture is recognised as the centrepiece of the city. For a small fee, visitors can climb to the top of the church and witness breath taking views over the city – a truly unforgettable experience.
The city’s Neustadt (New Town) is located on the opposite side of the river and is well worth fitting into your schedule when visiting Dresden. The area offers a variety of eateries, shops and outdoor spaces, all within a relaxed, almost bohemian atmosphere.
If you’re looking for somewhere to keep the whole family entertained, why not pay a visit to Dresden Zoo? Although the zoo may not be as big as that found in Germany’s capital city, this small yet pleasant attraction allows visitors of all ages to marvel at an array of wild animals, including crocodiles and penguins and makes for the ideal place to enjoy a pleasant outdoor stroll.

Airport Information

Dresden Klotzsche Airport is the city’s main airport, offering a range of internal and European flights. The airport is located nearly five miles north of the centre of Dresden, close to many major routes into and out of the city.
Those with access to their own vehicle are advised to take the B 170, the E42 and the B 92 in order to access the airport.##Top Car Hire Locations in Germany