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The western German city of Dusseldorf is a beautiful example of a city that has held on to its heritage whilst moving forward in progressive attitudes and industry. A prosperous city, the popularity of Dusseldorf hits its peak during the boat, fashion and fun fair festivals. Fashion is one of the leading industries of Dusseldorf, making it a shopping hotspot in German. The nightlife and carnival-esque vibe have resulted in the city becoming a very hip location for young party-goers.

Ideal car

Dusseldorf has an excellent road network, which means that it’s possible to drive a standard family saloon without any problems. It would be great for getting around the autobahns too.

Driving in Dusseldorf


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Important things to note

Dusseldorf is an “environment zone” meaning all cars must display a sticker showing that particular car’s pollution category.
Much like the majority of roads in Germany, the roads are of high quality. However, it is recommended that all visitors who cannot speak German plan their routes well in advance of departure.
Visitors will notice that local drivers drive very considerately and so visitors should pay the same respect to the roads – police presence is high.

Highlights & Hotspots

Old Town is a lovingly restored testament to the city pre-dating World War II. Once destroyed in an attack, this particular part of the town was rebuilt according to the original blue prints, making it a unique experience for history and architecture lovers alike.
The promenade on the bank of Rhine is one of the most stunning in Germany and makes for a very pleasant trip. The area is guaranteed to be sun-soaked throughout the entirety of summer, and a ban on cars in the area has made it incredibly peaceful.
There are numerous events, festivals and carnivals taking place annually in the city and many are worth a visit in their own right. The Nacht de Museen is a night of museums that is sure to entice visitors of all ages.
Almost every European country has their own Christmas market, but there are none like that hosted in Dusseldorf. With fine mulled wines and delicious Bratwurst on offer, it is the perfect winter event.

Airport Information

There are three airports with easy access to the city centre of Dusseldorf: Dusseldorf International Airport, Koln Bonn Airport and Airport Weeze. The international airport is the third largest in Germany and so visitors to this particular airport should take the scale into account before arrival.##Top Car Hire Locations in Germany