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A small village some 60 miles west of Frankfurt, Hahn wouldn’t usually figure highly on the list of popular destinations for tourists in Germany. However, for somewhere which is home to no more than a few hundred people, there are one or two things to see and do here, while it’s easily accessible to both Frankfurt and the nearby city of Mainz. Aviation is something many people associate with Hahn. Before Frankfurt-Hahn Airport came to be, it was a major airfield for decades. It’s also a place where spirituality is a big part of daily life – the local church is one of the most famous landmarks in the entire region. It’s also close to the banks of the Rhine, making it an ideal spot for fishing.

Ideal car

For many of the rural roads around Hahn and surrounding small towns and villages, a small car will be a little easier, especially for manoeuvring around the sharp turns.

Driving in Hahn


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Important things to note

The village is near the B-327, which takes you onto the E-42 highway that goes towards Frankfurt in the east and across the borders with Luxembourg and France westwards.
Traffic near the airport is pretty intense during summer and public holidays. Planning trips in advance during these times is essential.
In winter, the B-327 can be a little tricky to drive on in snowy weather. Having winter tyres for your car is a must.

Highlights & Hotspots

In Hahn itself, Saint Anthony’s Simultaneous Church is a church with a difference. It has a tower built between 1350 and 1370 which was used initially to help defend the village. A walk around the grounds will show how it came to be.
Hahn eV Golf Club is an understated place to go tee off, but that’s part of its appeal. With the airport and village in the background, you’re able to have a peaceful round before heading the clubhouse and for a well-earned pint.
If going to Mainz for the day, you might want to check out the Gutenberg Museum, which is home to replicas of the famous Gutenberg Press. The past, history and even future of books are all on display here too, not to mention exhibitions dedicated to the Far East.
Dr Faust Haus in nearby Bad Kreuznach is a 16th century home which was once believed to be the residence of magician Johannes Faust. Here, you can learn about some of his most famous tricks and his connection to the local area.

Airport Information

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is less than a mile south of Hahn but some 60 miles west of Frankfurt. It has one main terminal and is a base for low-cost flights across Europe, especially from the UK and Republic of Ireland.
The airport has connections to the E42, which will take you all the way to Frankfurt and Mainz. Some of the roads connecting the airport to the main road network can be clogged at times.##Top Car Hire Locations in Germany