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The second largest city in the German region of Saxony, Leipzig is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. A quick look at its cityscape will tell you that it has quite a history, but it was only recently restored to its former glory following decades of communist rule. Today, old meets new to create something you might not expect to find in other cities in Germany. Leipzig has, among other things, a number of impressive municipal buildings, the country’s oldest botanical garden, Germany’s national library and Europe’s largest monument. It also has a warm welcome for visitors, who are flocking to Leipzig in increasing numbers, while the surrounding countryside makes for a serene setting.

Ideal car

As they’re the most fuel-efficient cars available, superminis are the vehicles most likely to help you drive in the Low Emission Zone without too many problems.

Driving in Leipzig


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Important things to note

In parts, access to Leipzig city centre is restricted. Be sure to park near the inner ring road if you want to get close to this part of the city.
Always be aware of trams in the city centre, as they can appear to come out of nowhere. They generally have right of way in Leipzig.
Most of the city centre is a ‘Low Emission Zone’. This means that your car has to have a green badge showing that emissions are low enough to cause just minimal environmental damage.

Highlights & Hotspots

The University of Leipzig’s Botanical Garden has been a permanent fixture in the city for well over a century. It has a huge range of native and exotic plants as well as a few spots for you to sit down and relax after a day of intense sightseeing.
Anyone with an interest in classical music should visit the Gewandhaus, a theatre built just over 30 years ago. It has amazing acoustics and is home to Mendelssohn’s Orchestra, who regularly perform for visitors from all over Europe.
The most impressive building in the whole city is the Old Town Hall. As imposing as it is breath-taking, tours are available of the hall, although it’s within easy reach of some of the other major landmarks in Leipzig.
Every October, the International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film takes place. The event takes in a number of venues across Leipzig and showcases new documentaries and animations for the first time.

Airport Information

Leipzig/Halle Airport is the main airport serving Leipzig, lying six miles northwest of the city centre. It has one main terminal for passengers and by and large offers flights to cities and major holiday resorts throughout Europe.
The airport is located near the 14 motorway, which connects to the 2 highway. The 2 highway will take you southwards to the centre of Leipzig.##Top Car Hire Locations in Germany