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A small city in the southwest German province of Baden-Wurttemberg, Loerrach is conveniently located near the borders with France and Switzerland, making it ideal for anyone who fancies a trip to the Alps without visiting all the usual places. The city is known for producing chocolate, its views of the Wiese valley and its importance as a regional centre during the past few centuries. Anyone visiting Loerrach will find that there’s a lot more in the city than they bargained for. Traditional bars, homely restaurants and modern shops all sit side by side, while the city is well connected to some of the major cities in the region including Basel across the border in Switzerland and Freiburg further north.

Ideal car

A small family car would be ideal for taking on some of the winding routes and their many sharp corners in Loerrach and around the hills.

Driving in Loerrach


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Important things to note

Due to its location in the foothills of the Black Forest, Loerrach is often prone to the odd minor earthquake, although they cause little damage.
The nearest big city to Loerrach is Basel in Switzerland, which is only a few miles to the southwest. Be sure to look out for changes in speed limits.
Loerrach has a terminal where car drivers can go by train with their cars. From there, you can go to Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin.

Highlights & Hotspots

Just outside the town, Rotteln Castle was built in 1102, acting as a fort for the Baden-Wurttemberg region for centuries. Today, the castle’s ruins attract visitors from across Germany, as well as other parts of Europe, mainly for the views of the surrounding area.
Loerrach has a fairly large market in the city centre. If you want to find a bargain or fancy sampling some street food if in need of a quick bite to eat, it’s the best place to go. It’s usually busier during weekends though.
The city is in the Rhine Rift Valley, which is one of the most scenic parts of Germany. If you like, you could go for a walk into the valley, where it’s always possible to cross the border into Switzerland without even realising it.
Across the border is the Swiss city of Basel. Here, you could go shopping, visit one of its many theatres or visit a local art gallery. Transport links between Loerrach and Basel are excellent every day of the year.

Airport Information

The nearest airport to Loerrach is EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which is nine miles west of the city. It has passenger terminals operating under EU and Swiss rules separately, even though the airport is located mainly in France.
To get there from Loerrach, you need to get on the 98 highway and head west until reaching the 5. Then, drive southbound until reaching the 532, which further west becomes the D10. Turn right onto the A35 and drive until you see the airport itself.##Top Car Hire Locations in Germany