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The capital of the Prefecture of Achaia, including the island of the same name, Patras is the third largest urban area of Greece. It is the ideal location for anyone looking to enjoy the city lifestyle of the country on a slightly smaller, more intimate scale, something which cannot be guaranteed in nearby Athens. Based on the popular northern coast of the island, Patras is a stunning location where it is possible to enjoy both the city life and the beach life in glorious sunshine by the sea. Where modern meets traditional, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful city, whether it’s adventure or something more sedate.

Ideal car

Due to the small structure of the roads, a small city car will ensure that all drivers can enjoy a comfortable drive throughout the area.

Driving in Araxos Patras


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Important things to note

Opened in 2004, there is a major bridge linking Rion to Antirrion on the mainland of Greece making the entire area easily connected.
Due to the size of the city, traffic can easily build within the city limits, particularly around rush hour, meaning it is advised to avoid travelling between 6.30-8.30am and 5-6pm.
The nature of the structure of the city means that some of the roads are narrow and twisting in areas, with much of the surrounding area being somewhat steep.

Highlights & Hotspots

One of the most beautiful examples of modern meeting traditional is the Archaeological Museum which was opened in 2009. The building itself is a stunning example of Modern Greek architecture while the contents include reconstructed period houses and artefacts from across the centuries.
The Odeum of Patras may have experienced severe damage through various invasions and earthquakes, but following its discovery in 1889, the building was reconstructed until 1956 and has become a true gem in the city.
Founded in 1861, the Achaia Clauss wine factory is considered to be one of the must-visit spots of the city by the discerning tourist. Located of a beautiful green hill, the factory is secluded and elegant, giving wine lovers a chance to taste some of their most delicious produce.
The Castle of Patras was constructed in the 6th Century and is a fantastic spot not only to enjoy the views of the area, but to understand centuries of history defending the city. The castle has been relevant in its defence purpose right up until the Second World War, making it one of the most relevant modern historical buildings in the area.

Airport Information

Doubling as its military base, Araxos Airport is located 50km to the west of the city, meaning transport between the airport and the city is relatively simple, mainly via taking the 64 road from Highway 9.
The flights to the airport are seasonal, though there are connecting flights from the main airport of Athens International Airport on a year-round basis.

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