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Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Located in the Attica region, it is one of the world’s oldest cities and boasts an extremely rich cultural and political history. The city was significantly revitalised during the regeneration project that took place prior to Athens hosting the 2004 Olympic Games. Not only is Athens a bustling metropolis, but the redevelopment of the city has certainly gone a long way to highlight its charm. The city exudes its rich culture and is home to a massive array of museums and historical buildings, yet has also developed a strong commercial centre. You’ll find excellent restaurants serving modern and traditional Greek cuisine as well as a variety of bars and tavernas. Athens also has an exciting night life making it an ever popular place to holiday. There’s a great combination of culture, history and modern day living, where modern shops and restaurants meet with the historical buildings and leafy green park areas and beaches within driving distance.

Ideal car

The city is extremely busy, which is to be expected as it is the capital – be careful when driving. A hatchback is ideal for navigating the streets; some of which can be quite tight. The beaches aren’t too far away either, though if you’re staying in the city centre you will have to drive.

Driving in Athens


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Important things to note

The sun can be very intense during the summer, so take care to protect yourself particularly if you’re out around mid-day.
While Greek is the main language here, most people in Athens will speak English. The majority of road signs, notices and menus have an English translation.
Athens is a huge city, while most areas of interest are within walking distance, you might need to plan a route to visit others or places that are driving distance away (such as the beach).

Highlights & Hotspots

There a wide range of historical sites and archaeological museums to visit in Athens. A visit to the Acropolis is a must for anyone with even the slightest interest in the history of this fascinating city. Discover the iconic Parthenon for yourself, and see the relics and temple remains of ancient times.
Visit the charming nearby village of Anafiotika and get lost in the maze of streets for a taste of authentic Greek life.
A trip to the National Gardens is a great place to visit for families, where you’ll discover rare plants and birds as well as peacocks roaming free.
If you’re a movie buff, take a trip to the Cine Paris outdoor cinema which shows current released films in an amazing outdoor setting, where you’ll see the Acropolis in the distance.
Art lovers will love a trip around The Museum of Cycladic Art in the heart of Athens centre, where you see work of the Ancient Greeks and Cypriots.

Airport Information

Athens international airport is located 12 miles to the east of central Athens. The airport is accessible via the Attiki Odos toll highway from central and northern Athens, Varis-Koropiou Avenue from the west of Athens, Laurio Avenue if approaching from the south and Spata Loutsa Avenue if approaching from the east.

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