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The stunning Greek Island of Corfu is an ever-popular holiday destination. The northernmost of the Ionian Islands lies in the Adriatic Sea and boasts a variety of gorgeous beaches – perfect for those wanting to relax and soak up the sun. On the western side of the island you’ll find a number of resorts for the more tranquil holiday maker who wants to explore the secluded coves along the coast line, while the east coast offers a range of livelier hotels and resorts. With its many beaches, Corfu is also a popular destination with active holiday makers and water sports enthusiasts. In the north, you’ll find that mountains dominate the scenery creating a stunning rural landscape that’s perfect for those who like to go hiking and explore the island for themselves. The weather tends to get warmer around early May and steadily heats up throughout the summer months. August tends to be very hot and dry, with temperatures starting at about 30˚C and hitting 40˚C.

Ideal car

Family car
A car is more useful on the western side of the island – on the east coast everything is very close together, and the livelier attractions are within a few streets of each other. If you do fancy driving somewhere, the traffic isn’t too bad, so a slightly larger, more comfortable car is ideal.

Driving in Corfu


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Important things to note

Crime levels are generally low, however, it’s advisable to exercise a good level of personal security and be aware of pickpockets or other petty thieves. Handbag and wallet snatching can be one of the more common problems.
The might be jellyfish in the sea, so always follow local advice before going into the sea.
The midday sun can be particularly intense during the summer, so it’s recommended to stay hydrated and take the necessary precautions to stay safe in the sun.

Highlights & Hotspots

A visit to the old town is a must for those wanting to explore the history and culture of the island. The old town is home to some fascinating historical buildings and churches as well as art galleries and museums.
Located on the Kanoni Peninsula, you’ll discover a lush parkland and wooded area which surrounds a neoclassical villa created in the 1830s. Explore the impressive grounds and follow the trails leading though the woodland area. The villa is now the Museum of Palaeopolis with archaeological displays and exhibits.
Discover the peaceful coves of Arrilas and Myrtiotissa beaches for a tranquil trip to the beach. Agios Gordios beach is perfect for families while Molos and Kavos beaches are lined with bars and cafes and tend to be lively hotspots.
There’s also the Aqualand water park which is a thrilling and refreshing way to enjoy the hot summer days in Corfu and is great for families with kids.

Airport Information

Corfu International Airport (aka Ioannis Kapodistrias) is located just over a mile away from Corfu city centre and is accessible via Route 25.

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