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Nafplio is a seaport in the Peloponnese region of Greece which has grown in recent decades with increasing demand from curious tourists. Visitors are drawn to the town and surrounding area by its significant number of historical sites, many of which dating back to the time of Ancient Greece. It also attracts visitors with its climate, which even by local standards is sunny and warm. As the numbers flocking into Nafplio have increased, so have the number of things to see and do here. Right now, the town has plenty of places to dine out, go shopping, learn about the history of the area and a burgeoning arts scene, enabled by the opening of a new university campus less than a decade ago.

Ideal car

Some of the roads near the town and in the surrounding area have numerous sharp turns. A small car would be perfect for cornering on those roads as well as around the compact town centre.

Driving in Nafplio


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Important things to note

Access by road is surprisingly easy to the town, but the best route is highway 70, which is connected to Highway 7.
Some of the town centre is pedestrianized, while the town has plenty of cycling lanes which can sometimes exacerbate any traffic problems.
The E-65/7 Motorway is the main motorway near Nafplio. It’s very well-maintained but can be prone to traffic in the summer.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Museum in the town centre has a range of temporary exhibitions brought in from other museums in Greece, but there is a permanent one dedicated to Nafplio and how it has developed over the centuries.
As proof of how art is becoming an integral part of the town’s cultural scene, the National Gallery is one of a handful of art galleries in Nafplio. It is an annex of the National Gallery in Athens with a large number of paintings created by Greek artists.
One of the most impressive buildings in Nafplio is Palamidi, a fortress which was built in 1686. It has an astonishing 857 steps leading up to the top, from where you can look out over the entire town and countryside.
Tiryns is a Mycenaean palace which, despite being centuries old, is in good condition. Meanwhile, the Old City is worth visiting by horse and carriage, which is surprisingly easy to arrange if you know who to ask.

Airport Information

The town is almost equidistant between Athens International Airport and Kalamata International Airport, the former being around 45 miles northeast of Nafplio and the latter 38 miles southwest. Kalamata largely offers seasonal flights to northern Europe while Athens offers flights all year round.
By getting onto Highway 7, the nearest motorway, you can go in a south-westerly direction towards the airport, which is near the city of Kalamata itself.

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