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The Greek island of Samos is located just off the western coast of Turkey, lying in the Aegean Sea. Although relatively small, Samos is known for having a rich history, being the birthplace of renowned mathematician Pythagoras and one of the most well-known World Heritage Sites in the whole of Greece, attracting thousands of visitors in the process. Today, Samos has developed a reputation as being a place to sample authentic Greek cuisine. Olives, honey, citrus fruits, almonds and dried figs are all grown here, providing the locals with plenty of ingredients to create a great meal for visitors to dine on as they take in the amazing views of the sea lapping against the coast.

Ideal car

As many of the roads leading to the centre of the island are steep, something powerful is needed to get up those slopes with ease. A 4x4 would also be handy for driving on sand as well.

Driving in Samos


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Important things to note

Some of the roads leading out of the town of Samos are a little on the steep side, although they may not appear that way from a distance.
A handful of roads away from the main towns and villages are a little bumpy in places, so try to approach these routes with care.
The port area of Samos town is often busy as a result of traffic leading to the ships which usually transport people across the sea to Turkey.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Temple of Hera, known locally as Heraion of Samos, is part of the southern town of Pythagoraeion. The site is an Ionic temple, the first of its kind on the island, but today lies in ruins. Tours are regularly available.
Samos has a designated coastal path which starts and ends at Gagkou Beach. The route takes in a number of ancient buildings as well as various species of flora, but is best enjoyed during the summer when the winds are a little lighter.
Gagkou Beach is the most resplendent beach on the island. In summer, the beach is crammed with people trying to catch a few rays, go for a splash in the sea and just enjoy the view, but it’s just as good during winter and spring when the weather is still warm.
Pythagoraeion, along with the Heraion of Samos, is a World Heritage Site. This town is home to the Tunnel of Eupalinos, as well as a number of bars, shops and museums dedicated to Pythagoras, who the town is named after.

Airport Information

Samos International Airport is the main airport serving the island, situated five miles southwest of Samos town. The airport serves destinations all over Europe, mainly during summer when demand tends to be a little higher from holidaymakers.
The airport can be reached from Samos by taking the main road southwards, then heading towards Pythagoreion, turn left and keep going along the same route until you see a sign for the airport.

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